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Jewish lives today are born of inspiration, not obligation. So how do we inspire? By empowering young Jews to engage in meaningful Jewish experiences, build inclusive Jewish communities, connect to the State of Israel and repair the world.

We are invested in ensuring a bright future for a diverse, dynamic, inclusive Jewish people deeply connected to Israel and committed to making the world a better place.

To us, “Jewish” is neither a static nor insular term. While a set of core values underpins Jewish traditions, the Jewish community is a rich and constantly expanding tapestry of experiences, identities and ideas.

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We see our work as part of a virtuous cycle of young Jewish engagement that fosters global connectedness, promotes a culture of service, connects young people with Israel and welcomes all who seek to lead actively Jewish lives. 
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We are proud to support a range of programs and organizations that share our commitment to strengthening the Jewish community and the State of Israel.

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Our Initiatives

We have developed a series of programs that invest in building the capacity of individuals who demonstrate significant leadership potential. We provide participants with a suite of opportunities for learning, skills-building, professional development and networking, with a particular focus on both entrepreneurs and those who are creating change from within organizations.

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Jewish Community and Israel: News and Updates

For-Profit Lessons For My For-Purpose Role

What I learned over the years is that even though teams or clients may vary in culture, all have a core commitment to effective leadership structures, quality deliverables and constant accountability. In my new role at Schusterman, I am excited to find my place in another new culture, form relationships with new partners and work to support the vision of the Foundation.

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Better Together: Hillel's Sandwich

We have seen many divisions emerge in the American Jewish world in recent weeks. My blessing for us all this Pesach is to embrace the possibility of true korech – real complement from difference. The rabbis of the Talmud correctly observe that we don’t say a specific blessing on the Hillel sandwich. Maybe this year is the right year to start including one. 

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Repair Interview: Michael Hebb on Seder2015

Seder2015 is a rapidly built prototype, meant to illustrate what a beautiful digital ecosystem of Passover resources and inspiration could look like. We have had the good fortune to partner with extraordinary organizations like and Repair The World, who have already built stellar digital equity. For us this work has just begun, and it has been a steep climb, but the response to the project has been overwhelmingly positive. 

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OLAM: Global Jewish Citizens Changing the World

From the very beginning, Jewish tradition has taught us to help make the world a better place, to look after the stranger and to be a light unto the nations. Today, as the Jewish people and communities around the world face extraordinary and complex challenges, it is more important than ever to strengthen Jewish efforts to repair the world and to make the imperative of tikkun olam central to Jewish identity and purpose.

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