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Jewish lives today are born of inspiration, not obligation. So how do we inspire? By empowering young Jews to engage in meaningful Jewish experiences, build inclusive Jewish communities, connect to the State of Israel and repair the world.

We are invested in ensuring a bright future for a diverse, dynamic, inclusive Jewish people deeply connected to Israel and committed to making the world a better place.

To us, “Jewish” is neither a static nor insular term. While a set of core values underpins Jewish traditions, the Jewish community is a rich and constantly expanding tapestry of experiences, identities and ideas.

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We see our work as part of a virtuous cycle of young Jewish engagement that fosters global connectedness, promotes a culture of service, connects young people with Israel and welcomes all who seek to lead actively Jewish lives. 
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We are proud to support a range of programs and organizations that share our commitment to strengthening the Jewish community and the State of Israel.

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Our Initiatives

We have developed a series of programs that invest in building the capacity of individuals who demonstrate significant leadership potential. We provide participants with a suite of opportunities for learning, skills-building, professional development and networking, with a particular focus on both entrepreneurs and those who are creating change from within organizations.

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Jewish Community and Israel: News and Updates

OLAM: Global Jewish Citizens Changing the World

From the very beginning, Jewish tradition has taught us to help make the world a better place, to look after the stranger and to be a light unto the nations. Today, as the Jewish people and communities around the world face extraordinary and complex challenges, it is more important than ever to strengthen Jewish efforts to repair the world and to make the imperative of tikkun olam central to Jewish identity and purpose.

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Finding Philanthropy, Service and Community All in One

As an underclassman, I knew I wanted to join a public service group committed to a cause that resonated with me personally. Stanford Challah for Hunger fulfilled this need in its entirety. I saw that Challah for Hunger had the public service mission and guiding student action to accomplish measurable progress; attributes that made it especially appealing to me. 

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The Secret Sauce: Grantmaking

We introduced the many things other than money that giving circles are also about – including engagement, education, and community-building; and we walked through some of the initial steps to get a giving circle off the ground. Now we turn to the “secret sauce” of the giving circle experience: the grantmaking. This is the moment when members will gain an incomparable education in both philanthropy and the issues being addressed by the circle’s grantmaking.

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Creating a Leadership Development Playlist

In today’s marketplace, we believe a “one-size-fits-all” approach to leadership development does not cut it. Instead, we provide leaders with access to a suite of diverse experiences, and enable individuals to select the opportunities that best meet their interests and professional needs. Our model, in this regard, is akin to Spotify: We offer a catalogue of opportunities, and each individual builds a personal playlist. Our catalogue remains open and accessible for the long-term, even as individuals change jobs, locations, and sectors.

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