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Jewish lives today are born of inspiration, not obligation. So how do we inspire? By empowering young Jews to engage in meaningful Jewish experiences, build inclusive Jewish communities, connect to the State of Israel and repair the world.

We believe that Jewish values and traditions have much to contribute to making our world a better place, and that ensuring a vibrant Jewish future is important for the Jewish people and for society as a whole. We also believe that the greatest wellspring of vitality and creativity rests with the younger generation.

As a Foundation committed to strengthening the global Jewish community, we are working to create and support powerful opportunities for young Jews to explore their passions through a Jewish lens and develop personally meaningfully connections to our rich Jewish heritage and homeland.

In turn, we hope they will develop the knowledge, skills and inspiration they need to find new ways to contribute to their communities, the Jewish people and the broader world.

Our approach is rooted in our firm belief that meaningful experiences and relationships are key to fostering Jewish identity and that service, Israel and inclusivity are central to the Jewish narrative. It also reflects our understanding of the complexities of the contemporary world and our optimism about the Jewish future, despite the challenges.

For this generation, one-size-fits-all Judaism is a thing of the past. With an ever-growing number of doors open to them, they need opportunities to become or remain involved in Jewish life that speak to their diverse needs and interests.

Today, there is an emerging consensus about the importance of engaging young Jews and adopting new approaches that deliver a mix of experiences, programs, tools and technologies that enable them to live as global citizens in accordance with Jewish values.

Currently we are invested in four primary areas where we believe we can make a significant impact on the Jewish landscape.

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Young Jews are eager to engage in vibrant, personally meaningful Jewish experiences and find their place in our global Jewish community. We are committed to making these experiences as widespread and relevant possible. LEARN MORE


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Israel plays an important role in the lives of the Jewish people, as an ally of the United States and on the world stage. We are committed to building knowledge of, and deepening connections to, this diverse and complex country. LEARN MORE


The Jewish community is a tapestry of people and identities representing the rich diversity of what it means to be Jewish. We are committed to fostering welcoming, inclusive communities for all Jews. LEARN MORE