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We are building a diverse portfolio of initiatives and partnerships to move the needle of change in our fields of interest.

More than two decades after our founding in 1987 as a Foundation engaged almost exclusively in grantmaking, we are part of a global network of programs and initiatives started by the Schusterman family to ignite the passion and unleash the power in young people to create change.

We have enhanced our grantmaking by creating new philanthropic structures, exploring innovative methods for implementing programs, using research to deepen our impact and setting standards for operational excellence.

To us, philanthropy is about devoting time and resources to working directly with the people we seek to impact. It is about taking leadership on addressing challenges we believe can better the communities in which we live. It is about staying focused, forming partnerships and taking risks to achieve substantive change and lasting impact.

We are working in partnership and on the ground to create and support networks of people, programs and organizations that share our interest areas: strengthening the Jewish community, public education in the United States and the quality of life in our hometown of Tulsa, OK.

We invest in building large-scale movements using four interwoven strategies that we believe make us more efficient and effective:

  1. Launching and funding platform organizations to advance entire fields;
  2. Incubating and piloting new initiatives that enhance these fields;
  3. Convening, connecting and catalyzing formal and informal networks of people and organizations that works in these fields; and
  4. Using rigorous evaluation to measure impact, refine approaches and boost the effectiveness of the organizations we support and the fields in which they operate.

Today, our partners include the people, programs and organizations we support, as well as those who co-invest with us and help us bring our collective knowledge, human and financial capital to addressing issues of common concern.

In 2011, Lynn Schusterman became a signatory to the Giving Pledge, hoping that by doing so, she could help inspire and motivate more donors to give to the causes closest to their hearts. Read her letter to Warren Buffet.

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Grantmaking is our primary vehicle for achieving our mission. We continuously challenge ourselves to find the most effective ways to use our human and financial resources to maximize our impact and fulfill our vision. LEARN MORE


We are facilitating stronger connections and relationships between the people, programs and organizations working in our fields of interest, in service of achieving our greater common aspirations. LEARN MORE


We initiate, create and operate programs to test evolving strategies within our fields of focus, as well as to convene people and organizations that share our vision of building a more vibrant, welcoming and caring world. LEARN MORE


Data is a critical tool to achieving our core strategies, refining our programs and enhancing our impact. We use research and evaluation to inform and improve our work and to advance our fields of interest. LEARN MORE