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We continuously challenge ourselves to find the most effective ways to use our human and financial resources to maximize our impact and fulfill our vision.

Our grantmaking has become increasingly strategic with each passing year. We invest in programs and organizations as vehicles for achieving our larger goals and for reaching the people we seek to impact.

Our funding decisions used to come down to a simple question: Does this organization do a good job of solving a particular problem? Increasingly, we are broadening the scope of this question to ask: What collection of perspectives and approaches are required to effect long-term social change in this particular field?

We have learned that the best way to achieve results is to direct our resources toward the larger context of factors and forces that affect our areas of interest. Due to the focused nature of our grantmaking, we do not accept unsolicited requests or proposals for funding.

In each of our program areas, we intentionally forge partnerships with other foundations and organizations and target our support primarily toward ventures we believe have the potential to effect systemic change across a sector or issue area. We do this by:

  1. Investing in public-benefit programs and organizations: We support programs and organizations that directly reach and work with broad numbers of the people we seek to impact. Examples include: Teach For America, KIPP, Birthright, BBYO and Moishe House.
  2. Launching and funding platform organizations to advance entire fields: We develop platform organizations that build capacity within our fields of interest and enable increased cross-sector collaboration, information and resource sharing, and learning and measurement. Examples include: Repair the World, Israel on Campus Coalition and Keshet.
  3. Incubating and piloting new initiatives that enhance these fields: While systemic change is our overarching goal, we realize it is not enough simply to plant a huge tree—we also need to help plant seedlings to fill gaps and, ultimately, cultivate a forest.

Within the Jewish community, in addition to encouraging innovation within large institutions, we support:

  • Experimental projects whose ideas we believe could have an outsized effect on engaging young adults in Jewish life, including our own REALITY program, an effort to create a network of values-driven leaders.
  • Incubator organizations—including Joshua Venture, PresenTense and ROI Community, which is part of CLSPN—that are working to unleash the power of young social entrepreneurs who can develop new solutions to longstanding challenges.

For all investment categories, we seek to promote connections among organizations doing complementary work in order to advance best practices and build knowledge within a given field. We place a high priority on supporting organizations with strong leadership teams and, whenever possible, we seek to leverage our involvement in a project by working in concert with others.

Beyond the dollar value of our investments, our team of professionals provides expertise and capacity, including strategic advice, mentoring, coaching, board service, and convenings, retreats and networking opportunities for leadership at all levels.

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Grants Policy

In 2010, following nearly a decade of steady growth and expansion into new programs, organizations and initiatives, we shifted our emphasis to deepening, rather than solely broadening, our impact. Due to the increasingly strategic and focused nature of our grantmaking, we are not currently accepting unsolicited requests or proposals for funding.

We work continuously to identify potential grant applicants through due diligence procedures and will request proposals from a limited number of organizations that fall within our current areas of interest.

With this in mind, we are still interested in learning about the organizations, initiatives and ideas that inspire you. Please use the form below to provide us with a brief description, which we will keep on file for future reference.








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