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We convene and connect people and organizations working in our fields of interest to identify opportunities for collaboration.

In addition to our grantmaking, we create and operate programs to test evolving theories and strategies within our fields of focus. We aim to galvanize and train new leaders, as well as enable professionals and practitioners to gain the knowledge, skills and connections they need to advance their work.

Our programs provide space for connections and collaborations that can lead to innovation and foster a sense of community and shared purpose. They also support ongoing interactions and relationships between participants so they learn from, support and challenge each other, as well as tap into each other’s resources and networks.

Operating programs is part of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation’s (Schusterman) broader efforts to connect young people to the resources, experiences, opportunities and guidance they need to create change for themselves, in the communities and for the Jewish future.

Within Schusterman, two programs are at the forefront of this work:

  • ROI Community is a catalyst for innovation, creating spaces where dynamic young Jews can connect and use each other as a strategic resource in their individual and collaborative efforts to transform Jewish life around the world.
  • REALITY is an intensive leadership journey that starts with an immersive experience in Israel and enables participants to explore the values that drives their commitment to creating positive change.

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Schusterman Connection Points

Schusterman Connection Points is a series of 11 local and thematic peer-led gatherings that will bring together hundreds of passionate and talented young Jews, offering them the opportunity to connect with their counterparts around the world to create change.

Gatherings & Events

Beyond our ongoing programs, we regularly host and support virtual and in-person gatherings that help further our mission and work. These events include webinars and lectures with leading experts and academics, conferences of professionals engaged in field-building work, interactive convenings of young Jews in communities around the world and much more.