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We use data, research and evaluation to inform and improve our programs and grantmaking and to advance the fields in which we work.

We believe we have a responsibility to ensure that our investments are data driven and our philanthropic dollars are reaping maximum benefit. To achieve this, we take a systematic, structured approach to commissioning, using and disseminating research that focuses on areas critical to achieving our core strategies, refining our programs and enhancing our impact.

As we strive to be a more data-driven Foundation, we continue to see clear evidence of how such inquiry informs and improves both our programs and our grantmaking. Our investment in evaluating our own work as well as supporting research in our areas of interest enables us to:

  • Raise visibility: Concrete, detailed research helps draw attention to an issue, provides clear data to contribute to the discourse around it and can encourage further investment in it.
  • Enhance understanding: We share our research with practitioners and experts to deepen their knowledge of the fields in which they work and enhance their efficacy.
  • Work more effectively: Research has allowed us to test and refine concepts, programs and strategies before taking them to scale, as well as to assess impact, identify gaps and opportunities for future investments and move the needle in our fields of interest.

Ultimately, research and evaluation enable us to be good stewards of our philanthropic dollars and to glean evidence-based knowledge about the most effective strategies for driving change.

Our Studies and Evaluations

Key research we have commissioned and/or contributed to over the past few years has shed light on a wide variety of topics within our fields of interest, including: young Jews attitudes’ toward service, the impact of service on local communities, growth in the field of Israel studies, how best to engage teenage boys in Jewish life after the bar mitzvah years and the efficacy of some of our programming.

Check out some of the highlights below and see more Studies and Evaluation in our key focus areas.

Jewish Community


  • Human Rights Campaign Jewish Organization Equality Index LEARN MORE 
  • Teaching to the Moment: A Study of Immersive Jewish Service-learning Educators (Repair the World) LEARN MORE
  • Next Generation Advocacy: A Study of Young Israel Advocates LEARN MORE
  • Innovating on Tradition: Reflections on the Jewish New Media Innovation Fund (Jewish New Media Innovation Fund) LEARN MORE 
  • From First Fruits to Abundant Harvest: Maximizing the Potential of Innovative Jewish Start-ups (Bikkurim) LEARN MORE
  • Mapping the Landscape: The Emerging Field of Israel Education (iCenter) LEARN MORE 


  • Volunteering+Values: A Repair the World Report on Young Jewish Adults (Repair the World) LEARN MORE
  • BBYO Impact Study: Analysis of Surveys Conducted with Current BBYO Members, College-Age and Young Adult Alumni and Non-Alumni (BBYO) LEARN MORE
  • The Worth of What They Do: The Impact of Short-Term Jewish Service-Learning on Host Communities (Repair the World) LEARN MORE


  • The REALITY Israel Experience: An Impact Study (REALITY) LEARN MORE
  • Picking a Needle Out of a Haystack: Selecting for Social Entrepreneurs (Joshua Venture) LEARN MORE
  • Engaging Jewish Teenage Boys: A Call to Action (Moving Traditions) LEARN MORE
  • 2009 REALITY Israel Experience for Teach For America Corps Members: Summary of Key Findings and Learnings (REALITY) LEARN MORE


  • Generation Birthright Israel: The Impact of an Israel Experience on Jewish Identity and Choices (Birthright) LEARN MORE
  • Reflections on J-Serve: The Practice and Promise of a Jewish Teen Day of Service (BBYO) LEARN MORE


  • Jewish Service Learning: What Is and What Could Be a Summary of an Analysis of the Jewish Learning Landscape LEARN MORE
  • In Search of Israel Studies: A Survey of Israel Studies on American College Campuses LEARN MORE



  • Priorities for Change in the Oklahoma Child Protection System LEARN MORE
  • Youth Philanthropy Initiative: An Evaluation of the First Four Cohorts (YPI) LEARN MORE


  • Youth Philanthropy Initiative: Perceptions and Attitudes from Cohort One and Cohort Two (Qualitative Report) LEARN MORE
  • Youth Philanthropy Initiative: Perceptions and Attitudes from Cohort One and Cohort Two (Quantitative Report) LEARN MORE