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Work as a Form of Service: An interview with Adam Lurie

Adam Lurie is that envy-inducing example of someone who wholly loves his work. There are no boring moments, no drudgery—it’s invigorating. It’s meaningful. Look no further than the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Ruling upholding the injunction against President Trump’s proposed travel ban for proof. On behalf of the American Jewish Committee (AJC), on whose board he sits, Lurie argued for the ruling in front of the court earlier this year; its critical decision came just before Memorial Day.

Learning, Changing, Serving, Together in Nepal

“I am surprised by our different cultures, our different values,” he said. “In the month of joint orientation, we are mostly from different cultures, we celebrate Shabbat, and that was new for me, for all the Nepalese. In this festival, we have cooperated with each other. We cooked together and we eat together, and we discuss together.”

Tikkun Olam and Global Community in Nepal

“This idea—to have identity but to be open to the world—very much impresses me,” he went on. “In the same way that there are Birthright programs, there should be Earthright programs that combine community identity with universal will to make change in the world.” If anything describes the couples’ modus operandi, it’s that.

Changing Lives with a Bar of Soap: The Story of Sundara

Erin Zaikis’s work demonstrates the same truism: big ideas for social change start modestly. Now 27, the Massachusetts native is the brains behind Sundara, a three-year old non-profit organization that hires unemployed and underemployed women in India, Uganda and Myanmar to recycle hotel soap using a zero-waste process, and makes them hygiene ambassadors in communities that suffer from high rates of death from diarrhea, pneumonia and other hygiene-related maladies.