Data in the Purpose-Driven Sector: Catch Up on the Conversation


This fall, the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation released the Data Playbook, an interactive resource to help professionals across the purpose-driven sector measure, evaluate and share the impact of their work.

The Playbook was designed to contribute to and inform a lively conversation already underway about how nonprofit organizations can effectively put data to use. Since the launch of the Playbook, we have enjoyed hearing from several industry experts about how nonprofit professionals can leverage the resources at their fingertips to create a sustainable data strategy—and how the Data Playbook can help them get there. 

We invite you to catch up on the conversation through recent articles and a special podcast episode:

"Data Playbook: Data Practices for Purpose Driven Work," Markets for Good Podcast, featuring Jacob Harold, Beth Kanter, Rella Kaplowitz and Andrew Means

“New Resource for Nonprofits: The Data Playbook,” Beth Kanter, Beth’s Blog

“3 Tips for Using Data to Tell Your Story, Ethically,” Rella Kaplowitz, NTEN Blog

“3 Ways to Step-Up Your Data Game,” Rella Kaplowitz, Care2Blog

“How to Harness the Power of Data for Better Nonprofit Storytelling,” Rella Kaplowitz, John Haydon Blog

“Data Playbook: A Measured Approach,” Rella Kaplowitz
Using the Data Playbook to inform your work? We want to hear from you.