Eight Links to Brighten Your Chanukah


Looking to add a little something to your Chanukah celebrations?

We invite you to explore eight musical/comical/insightful/delicious resources. Start with the video then work your way through!

Learn more about the Chanukah story with REALITY tour guide and expert storyteller, Michael Bauer. He will lead you on an ancient-meets-modern Israeli journey complete with a surprise twist:

Donate the 8th Toolkit: Chanukah is all about friends, family, fried food,! Download the Donate the 8th toolkit for everything you need to gather your friends, pool your resources and donate to a cause of your choosing.

Back-Pocket Torah for Chanukah: Get your discussion on with Hillel International and the Meyerhoff Center's oh-so-convenient Chanukah reflection guide. 

Chanukah Explained: The Chanukah story in plain English (including some bonus puns)? BimBam's got you covered.

The Truth about Santa, as Revealed to a Jewish Girl Circa 1980: This true tale from comedian Ophira Eisenberg will have you and the family in stitches.

What Jew Wanna Eat Chanukah Recipes: Latke pizza, cardamom rugelach and much more await you on this aspirational recipe list. Hats off as always to Amy Kritzer.

“Hanukkah Lovin”: Singer-songwriter (and ROI Community member) Michelle Citrin will get you in the holiday spirit in no time with this jazzy tune.

8 Gifts that Give Back: No gift receipts needed for these eight do-good gift ideas, courtesy of Repair the World!

8 Lesser-Known Hanukkah Facts: Gasp! Chanukah is not actually about the oil? We'll let you decide.