Sarah Hurwitz

What’s your favorite Israeli food? 

It's hard to choose just one, but I'll go with shakshuka.

What are you thinking about/What keeps you up at night? 

What's happening in American politics right now definitely keeps me up at night.

Who inspires you? 

There are so many people who inspire me -- I could spend days listing them all.  But what they all have in common is that they have the courage to be who they really are, and they use their unique gifts to make life better for others. 

Describe what you do and how you are trying to make an impact. 

I just finished eight years in the White House working as First Lady Michelle Obama's chief speechwriter.  She knows who she is, she always knows what she wants to say, and it was an incredible privilege to be part of her team.

Can you share a meaningful moment that happened because of your REALITY journey?

The friendships I formed during REALITY have led to countless meaningful moments in my life since then -- Shabbat dinners, coffee and lunches, phone conversations and emails with my new friends.  It turns out that those long conversations on the bus and in our hotel rooms and during the amazing activities Schusterman planned for us didn't end when we left Israel -- that was just the beginning.  And I hope they continue for the rest of my life!

What would you like your REALITY community to know about you? 

How grateful I am to be part of this community!