Offering Financial Aid to Undocumented Students


Last week, The New York Times published a special piece focusing on the struggle of undocumented college students to receive financial aid. As author Elizabeth Harris wrote:

For years, it was information shared only in whispers. Undocumented students, bright and educated, wanted to go to college, and a precious few universities were willing, very quietly, to help them pay for it. But as ferocious battles rage in Congress, statehouses and courtrooms over the legal status of undocumented immigrants, an evolution has been underway at some colleges and universities.

The article touched upon the stigma and controversy of the subject, but also highlighted many ways in which schools and communities are making inroads to help provide students with financial support. As an example of one such effort, The Times mentioned the Foundation's partnership with Franklin and Marshall College. Specifically, this fall the Foundation will partner with the college in offering additional funding to undocumented students to make up for the gap in federal aid.

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