ROI Coffee Dates: Now Broadcasting


The scholar Ben Zoma says that the wisest among us are those who learn from everyone. It is in this spirit that we recently kicked off the ROI Community's new podcast series, ROI Coffee Dates

Much like an in-person coffee date, these 20-minute audio interludes are meant to bring some wisdom to your day, courtesy of our ever-insightful ROI Community members. These global change makers (millennial sages, if you will) work in a variety of fields and have major accomplishments under their belts. Their musings cover a plethora of topics—anything from Passover to technology to kibbutz culture and more.

Next time you find yourself hanging out at home, commuting to work or looking for ways to show your headphones some appreciation, we invite you to tune in to these thought-provoking interviews.

Catch up on our past episodes here:

#1 Jenna Benn Shersher – TwistOutCancer: From isolation to a thriving organization

#2 Zohar Avigdori – What do kibbutzim, drag and next gen Zionism have in common?

#3 Ari Hart - A rabbi taking a stand for compassion without borders


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