Yesh Matsav: A Song for Peace


Israeli author and activist, David Grossman, has a message for the world in the form of the new song, Yesh Matsav.

The song is the result of a collaboration among David Grossman, HaDag Nahash, Yoni Rechter, Daniel Zamir, Berry Sakharof, YMCA Jerusalem Youth Chorus, Galia Yaron, musical producer Ami Reiss and artist Michal Rovner.  Together, they created a multi-lingual, multi-level message that expresses hope for a new paradigm, one that lays to rest years of conflict.

At a time when the world's wounds are being exposed, artists like David are leading the way in recognizing and rectifying that which is broken. We invite you to listen to Yesh Matsav, contemplate the lyrics (available in English here) and read David's thoughts about the inspiration behind the new track. 

The Situation

"What is this song about? The situation we live in, what we have grown accustomed to calling "HAMATZAV" - The Situation. 

Hearts have hardened in the face of endless commentaries and demonstrations. We have grown deaf. A new language has come into being, a conflictual language, one that is hollow. 

We thought - perhaps a song would help, would move the souls that have been trapped in the sealed bubble of "the situation". (“…It’s our destiny, called ‘the situation’ – don’t breathe, not even once, not with both lungs. Don’t ever be free, don’t really be…")

We wrote, we composed, we weaved constellations, we enlisted friends, and we kept telling ourselves that this despair is a luxury we cannot afford. 

We hummed: We can never have our lives, if they do not have their lives. We reversed it and found it to be equally true. They can never have their lives, if we do not have our lives.

The more we created, the more we felt a shift within ourselves, that we do not need to become addicted to despair, we can become devoted to hope. Perhaps minute, but realistic and on a human scale. A hope that can be sung in Arabic and in Hebrew. As in the consoling words of Prophet Isaiah, who promises that in the new land that will be built, the youngest shall die a hundred years old; and of our own humble wish to raise our children in the light, so that their shadow is cast on no one. 

In the light I want them, in the light.

Is this one song comprised out of three? Are these three separate songs woven together? Everything is possible, this poem is prepared for anything. 

This is the poem we created. Our way of asking for something simple: 

That I will yet be a free man, a free people, in my country, in my home, inside my soul."