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Jewish lives today are born of inspiration, not obligation. So how do we inspire? By empowering young Jews to engage in meaningful Jewish experiences, build inclusive Jewish communities, connect to the State of Israel and repair the world.

We are invested in ensuring a bright future for a diverse, dynamic, inclusive Jewish people deeply connected to Israel and committed to making the world a better place.

To us, “Jewish” is neither a static nor insular term. While a set of core values underpins Jewish traditions, the Jewish community is a rich and constantly expanding tapestry of experiences, identities and ideas.

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We see our work as part of a virtuous cycle of young Jewish engagement that fosters global connectedness, promotes a culture of service, connects young people with Israel and welcomes all who seek to lead actively Jewish lives. 
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We are proud to support a range of programs and organizations that share our commitment to strengthening the Jewish community and the State of Israel.

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Our Initiatives

We have developed a series of programs that invest in building the capacity of individuals who demonstrate significant leadership potential. We provide participants with a suite of opportunities for learning, skills-building, professional development and networking, with a particular focus on both entrepreneurs and those who are creating change from within organizations.

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Recent News and Updates

Meet the Schusterman Fellows: Shaked Rogovsky

Leadership is a commitment to be loyal to my heritage and the history of the Jewish people. As an officer of the IDF, I am committed to protect its citizens, develop this beautiful country and stay true to its values. It is a personal commitment to find ways to continuously engage Jews abroad, who often have this extra spark when they visit Israel. Their curiosity and desire to experience it from the eyes of a Sabra encourages me to remain connected. Leadership is about personal connections that can make real impact and change in the Jewish world.

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The Power of Big Data to Transform the Jewish Community

Schusterman Vice President Lisa Eisen presented as part of a plenary session at the 2016 Jewish Funders Network International Conference in San Diego. The session, entitled “Big Data and the Jewish Community" and co-led by Jake Porway of DataKind, touched on the role of data in the social good space and its potential to inform our work in the Jewish philanthropic sector. Here we share a transcript of her remarks.

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