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Jewish lives today are born of inspiration, not obligation. So how do we inspire? By empowering young Jews to engage in meaningful Jewish experiences, build inclusive Jewish communities, connect to the State of Israel and repair the world.

We are invested in ensuring a bright future for a diverse, dynamic, inclusive Jewish people deeply connected to Israel and committed to making the world a better place.

To us, “Jewish” is neither a static nor insular term. While a set of core values underpins Jewish traditions, the Jewish community is a rich and constantly expanding tapestry of experiences, identities and ideas.

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We see our work as part of a virtuous cycle of young Jewish engagement that fosters global connectedness, promotes a culture of service, connects young people with Israel and welcomes all who seek to lead actively Jewish lives. 
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We are proud to support a range of programs and organizations that share our commitment to strengthening the Jewish community and the State of Israel.

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Our Initiatives

We have developed a series of programs that invest in building the capacity of individuals who demonstrate significant leadership potential. We provide participants with a suite of opportunities for learning, skills-building, professional development and networking, with a particular focus on both entrepreneurs and those who are creating change from within organizations.

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Recent News and Updates

Reflections on REALITY Wellness, One Year Later

Rachel Saunders, a REALITY Wellness 2016 alumna, is a futurist who explores shifts in culture and commerce for leading global brands and institutions. A human rights advocate, she serves on the Executive Committee of the Gender Equality Foundation, an organization aiding the United Nations and other entities promoting gender parity throughout the world.

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Meet Justin, REALITY Eden2Zion '16

When entrepreneur Justin Dangel isn’t out listening to music in New Orleans or immersing himself in the poetry of Billy Collins, he’s busy launching start-ups. After working in the offices of the late Massachusetts Senator Edward Kennedy and then in the Senate office of Joe Biden, he started during the 2000 election and then went on to found Consumers United, Inc. In 2014, he went on a REALITY’s Eden to Zion journey to Israel—a journey that set him on a path to new business ventures in Louisiana and in his home state of Massachusetts.

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Top Tips for a Successful Negotiation

10 ROIers walk into the Yitzhak Rabin center and are asked to decide amongst themselves which one out of 7 patients will receive the only heart available for a transplant. So begins our day of immersive negotiation training. Additional scenarios included dividing an abstract pie between three groups and finally negotiating the best deal possible for purchasing/selling a private jet.

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