Operating programs is part of our Foundation's broader efforts to connect young people and Jewish communal professionals to the resources, experiences, opportunities and guidance they need to create change for themselves, their organizations, their communities and the Jewish future.

The programs we run are designed to work in tandem with our grantmaking to:

  • Engage young Jews in meaningful and tailored Jewish experiences;

  • Galvanize and train new leaders in the Jewish community and social justice landscapes; and

  • Enable professionals and practitioners to gain the knowledge, skills and connections they need to advance their work.

Our initiatives provide space for connections and collaborations that can lead to innovation and foster a sense of community and shared purpose. They also support ongoing interactions and relationships between participants so that they continue to learn from, support and challenge each other.

Learn more about our approach.

ROI Community is an international network of activists and change makers who are redefining Jewish engagement for a new generation of global citizens. ROI Community members channel a diversity of perspectives, skills and interests toward a shared passion for advancing ideas and partnerships that will strengthen Jewish communities and improve society. Through its capstone Summit and an innovative suite of ongoing opportunities for professional development, networking and financial support, ROI empowers its members to take an active role in shaping the Jewish future. 

REALITY empowers exceptional young people to realize their leadership potential through an immersive personal and professional development journey grounded in the Jewish charge to repair the world. Participants form a network of leaders who find ways to enact positive social change at the intersection of their personal values and leadership potential and who strive to benefit their communities, the Jewish world and beyond. 

Schusterman Connection Points is a series of local and thematic peer-led gatherings that brings together hundreds of passionate, talented young Jews. These gatherings are designed to channel participants’ ideas, creativity and enthusiasm into partnerships that can create new, and strengthen existing, avenues of Jewish experiences for themselves and their peers. 

The Schusterman Fellowship is a leadership development program designed for individuals who want to grow their capacity to exercise leadership in the Jewish community and who see Jewish organizational leadership as an important way to create transformational change in the world. Fellows have the opportunity to explore what drives their leadership and grow as active players in a collaborative learning community, contributing and receiving challenge and support. 

#MakeItHappen, an ongoing series of micro grants, was launched on the belief that while investments make change possible, people make change happen and is designed to prompt dreamers and doers to seed and grow new ideas that will make a meaningful difference in the world. #MakeItHappen is inspired by the groundswell of young people we meet every day who are contributing their time and talent to strengthening the Jewish future and who are drawing on Jewish values as they give back to their communities. 

CareerHub brings together talented individuals and organizations looking to hire exceptional candidates through a suite of exclusive job-matching and professional development services. CareerHub is designed to bridge the gap between values-based professional opportunities and young leaders dedicated to making a difference. 

#NetTalks is a multifaceted series of web-based offerings designed to facilitate communal discussion on a wide range of leading topics related to Jewish life, philanthropy, leadership and current events. #NetTalks participants have the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions with peers and experts to share knowledge and leverage new information to support their work and efforts to create social change.