The Data Playbook empowers purpose-driven organizations to collect, analyze and use data to tell stories of impact

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What is the Data Playbook?

The Data Playbook is a new interactive resource to help professionals across the purpose-driven sector measure, evaluate and share the impact of their work. While a growing number of foundations and nonprofit organizations are recognizing data as integral to achieving their goals, many are struggling to find the resources necessary to use data effectively. The Data Playbook is designed to fill this gap and offer organizations of all sizes the tools they need to create a sustainable data strategy. 

Click HERE to visit the Data Playbook.

How can I use it?

The Data Playbook guides users through a series of practical exercises to determine:

How can I learn more?

On December 6, we are joining with Markets for Good to host a virtual roundtable to discuss the merits of data with notable industry experts. Click HERE to register!

How can I help promote it?

We encourage you to share the Data Playbook website and materials with anyone you feel would benefit! Below, please find sample promotional materials—including email language, social media posts and graphics—to make spreading the word quick and easy.

Sample Social Media Posts

Calling all purpose-driven organizations: are you using data to amplify your impact? @SchustermanFoun’s #DataPlaybook can help!

Data isn’t just numbers and graphs. It tells human stories. Get started with @SchustermanFoun’s #DataPlaybook:

Need to build a survey? Create a focus group? Collect data? Let the #DataPlaybook walk you through it! @SchustermanFoun

Introducing the #DataPlaybook, an interactive guide to collecting, analyzing and visualizing stories of impact: @SchustermanFoun

Introducing the #DataPlaybook! Turn to this one-stop shop for everything you need to ground your work in data: @SchustermanFoun

Data is possible! Learn how to conduct surveys, build compelling charts and more with the #DataPlaybook. Start here: 

Use data to change lives and strengthen communities. Get started with the #DataPlaybook. 

Think data is out of your reach? Think again. Find everything you need in the #DataPlaybook. 

Sample Email

Dear [NAME],

Looking to strengthen your organization's data strategy? Here is a great new resource to get you started.

The Data Playbook, created by the Schusterman Family Foundation, guides users through a series of practical exercises to determine:

Whether you looking for advice on survey design, learning about advanced analysis or researching expert strategies for data visualization, the Data Playbook speaks to professionals of all knowledge levels. 

I hope you will check it out and also share it with anyone you know that could benefit from the Playbook’s insights. Don't miss the Playbook's toolkit for additional resources!

Get the building blocks you need to put data to work for your mission. Explore the Data Playbook here

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