In honor of the Jewish New Year and the fall holiday season, we bring you 33 High Holiday recipes curated from culinarily inclined members of our global network.

This collection has a range of diverse treats, including a sweet Rwandan and Ugandan delicacy, a unique Latin American pomegranate fish dish, a rich Bulgarian beef pastel and downright awesome apple pie egg rolls.

With each recipe comes a note about what each person hopes to achieve in the year ahead. We hope that these intentions—to honor the past while reinventing the present, to practice mindfulness, to appreciate life’s blessings and more—inspire you to set your own goals for how you can positively impact your communities in the coming year.

Check out the full collection of recipes and intentions, as well as practical tips to reduce food waste, courtesy of our friends at Repair the World and 412 Food Rescue.


Soups & Salads





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Shana Tova!