A good education is critical to ensuring a better future for our children, our communities, our country and our world. We are working as part of the movement to create more high-quality educational opportunities for young people.

The correlation between education and quality of life is undeniable. Youth who complete high school and college have greater employment prospects, higher earning potential and are able to contribute more to our communities.

And yet, while graduation rates are on the rise, many school systems and education programs are struggling to successfully prepare the current and future generations of our youth for a competitive global marketplace. Consider these facts:

  • An estimated one in four public school children still drop out of high school. There are 1550 high schools nationally where 60% or more of the student body drops out every year. This translates to one student every 26 seconds.
  • According to PISA, the standard in international comparative rankings in education, the United States is currently 31st in Math, 23rd in Science and 17th in reading proficiency.
  • Less than one-third of Americans hold at least a bachelor’s degree. Only 58% of first-time, full-time students pursuing a 4-year bachelors degree earn that degree in 6 years or less.
  • Our nation currently needs many more workers trained in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, and that gap continues to grow.
New approaches to education are clearly needed. The education reform movement is being powered by an emerging generation of inspiring and effective leaders who are devoted to improving student learning through all aspects of the education cycle, from inside the classroom in district and charter schools, to shaping education policy. We believe that by investing in the education reform movement and its leaders, we can do our part to better prepare today’s learners to be tomorrow’s qualified workforce and engaged citizens.




Education Pioneers

Education Pioneers is a nonprofit organization committed to unleashing the potential of leaders and managers to transform education for students and communities.

Learn more about Education Pioneers.

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Washington State Charter Schools Association

The Washington State Charter Schools Association (WA Charters) is a statewide nonprofit organization committed to empowering parents and students by supporting the start-up of high-quality public charter schools.

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Schoolzilla is a nonprofit organization that works to help teachers, leaders and data analysts save time, gain critical insight and leverage all their data to drive action and change students’ lives.

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DC Ed Fund

DC Ed Fund is an independent nonprofit formed to catalyze philanthropy in support of strategic initiatives in DC Public Schools. Through its investments, the organization collaborates with DCPS leadership and the philanthropic community to accelerate improvements, sustain excellence and ensure accountability.

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Expeditionary Learning

Expeditionary Learning is a nonprofit organization committed to creating classrooms where teachers can fulfill their highest aspirations and where students can achieve more than they think possible.

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Leading Educators

Leading Educators is a nonprofit organization committed to advancing teachers’ leadership skills, providing them opportunities for continued learning and building a national movement to ensure all students have the opportunity to succeed in school and life.

Learn more about Leading Educators.

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Student Achievement Partners

Student Achievement Partners' is a nonprofit organization committed to designing and taking actions based on methods and content proven to substantially improve student achievement. 

Learn more about the Student Achievement Partners

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