Strengthening the future of the Jewish community by empowering young people to connect with inclusive Jewish values, deepen their understanding of Israel and contribute to a better world.

To us, “Jewish” is neither a static nor insular term. While a set of core values underpins Jewish traditions, the Jewish community is a rich and constantly expanding tapestry of experiences, identities and ideas.

We believe these values and ideas have much to contribute to making our world a better place. We also believe the greatest wellspring of vitality rests with the younger generation of Jews, each on a personal Jewish journey, all with something to contribute to the greater whole.

These beliefs form the basis of one of our primary goals: to help increasing numbers of young Jews connect with Jewish values and with Israel, and take an active role in shaping their communities and Jewish life for future generations.

We recognize the challenges inherent in this work. For this generation, one-size-fits-all Judaism is a thing of the past. With an ever-growing number of doors open to them, young Jews need opportunities to become or remain involved in Jewish life that speak to their diverse needs and interests and enable them to live as global citizens in accordance with Jewish values.

We pursue our mission by working with our partners to support and create relevant, accessible Jewish experiences that engage hundreds of thousands of young Jews during the formative teen to young adult years. Learn more about our approach.

These experiences aim to welcome all who seek to lead active Jewish lives, foster a culture of service and connect young people with Israel. Indeed, a core aspect of our work is ensuring Israel’s central role in the Jewish narrative by helping more and more young people to engage with and explore modern Israel, its rich history, diverse society and fertile cultural landscape. Learn more about our work in Israel.

We also help to cultivate leadership by enabling young Jews to be actively involved in shaping the experiences in which they participate. In recent years, we have built our own programs, including ROI Community, REALITY and most recently the Schusterman Fellowship, to further develop a network of young leaders who are bringing new models of thinking and engagement into the Jewish community. Learn more about our initiatives.

Through these and other programs, we are investing in the next generation of volunteer and professional leaders who will help to strengthen Jewish communities around the world and perpetuate a virtuous cycle of active, vibrant Jewish life. Learn about our work in leadership development.

We are also contributing to strengthening the Jewish ecosystem as a whole, helping to shape a vision of a shared enterprise, one in which we are all responsible for each others’ success.

Achieving this critical goal requires that we work with many across the community to facilitate opportunities for networking, communication and collaboration. We create spaces to address common challenges and take advantage of shared opportunities. We support the sharing of best practices, talent and data between organizations. And, importantly, we create seamless pipelines for nurturing and sustaining young Jews' leadership and involvement across ages, interest areas and geography.

Collectively, if we are successful, we will see a time when every Jew can discover the fulfillment of living a Jewish life, contribute to strengthening the Jewish people and Israel, and put Jewish values at the forefront of efforts to serve the common good. We will see a time when the journeys of young Jews are supported by a global Jewish infrastructure that embraces, incubates and scales effective efforts to meet the needs and interests of all Jewish people.