From the skyscrapers of Tel Aviv to the stone pathways of the Old City. From the solemnity of the Israeli-Syrian border to the energy of the Jerusalem market. From the top of Masada to the bottom of the Ramon crater ...

REALITY Experience brings inspiring changemakers from around the globe on a transformative journey through Israel to reignite their passion and potential for repairing the world.

REALITY is not a tour of Israel, but a thought-provoking exploration of one’s leadership capacity and impact on today’s most pressing challenges, with Israel as a complex and motivating backdrop.

Participants will learn how Israeli society devises innovative solutions to deal with deep-rooted and multi-dimensional social and economic challenges. They also travel back to an ancient and historical time that is simultaneously bustling with life and energy in the modern world.

REALITY participants have the chance to explore their personal growth and professional development with a group of fellow leaders, while gaining a deeper understanding of the social, political and cultural forces shaping modern Israel, as well as the complexities of the region.

There are several leadership development workshops and activities held throughout each REALITY journey. These elements are designed to encourage and challenge participants to think more deeply about how they can make an even greater positive impact within their professional spheres and communities.

This year, REALITY will offer 12 distinct journeys, each with its own unique focus, all grounded in the age-old charge to repair the world. These journeys are open to people of all faiths, backgrounds and perspectives. They are crafted to provide a platform for new ideas, understandings and connections that can be shared amongst diverse networks worldwide.

While every trip has an end date, the participants’ journeys begin when they return home. They become part of a global network of changemakers armed with a fierce passion and determination to take what they have learned in Israel and make a lasting difference in their communities and on our world.