COVID-19 Response Micro Grants

COVID-19 has created an unprecedented public health crisis that is impacting people and communities all over the world.

In times of crisis, community matters more than ever. We are so proud of how our REALITY community has stepped up in powerful ways to support the urgent needs of the most vulnerable populations and to strengthen, uplift and care for communities most at risk.

It is in this spirit that we are launching COVID-19 Response Micro Grants, one-time grants of up to $2,500 to support initiatives led by REALITY alumni that provide emergency response and relief to communities impacted by COVID-19.

Informed by our commitment to repairing the world (tikkun olam), by our leadership journeys and by our personal and professional experiences, we believe that our community is uniquely positioned to:

  • Identify emergency response and relief initiatives that support the most vulnerable residents of our neighborhoods and our local communities;
  • Act quickly to organize and implement initiatives or collaborate with existing organizations who are focusing on emergency response relief, and
  • Work with fellow REALITY Community members and/or experts in the fields providing direct service and relief to the most vulnerable among us

Please note that all initiatives supported by these micro grants must comply with the guidelines set by relevant local authorities, as well as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), especially as it relates to social distancing and local shelter-in-place policies currently in effect.

Apply Now for a COVID-19 Response Micro Grant

We know this is a stressful, uncertain time for so many people, and our hearts are with all who are impacted. Despite the challenges, we are proud of how our REALITY Community remains committed to drawing on our values as we show up for each other and support those in need. If you need assistance or have questions, please email Melanie Weintraub.

COVID-19 Response Micro Grants FAQs:

Who is eligible to apply?
  • Members of the REALITY community are eligible to apply for a one-time COVID-19 Response Micro Grant to support emergency response and relief for people and communities impacted by COVID-19 outside of the REALITY community.
What should these micro grants be used for?
  • Immediate, one-time grant up to $2,500 to support emergency response relief initiatives for the most vulnerable populations affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Applications that fund direct goods and services for the most vulnerable populations: the elderly, children, pregnant women, those who are immunocompromised, healthcare workers and low-income communities
  • Applications that provide basic needs to vulnerable populations:
    • Protective gear, sanitary items, food assistance, educational resources, medical supplies and resources, response and relief programming
  • This funding is intended for initiatives that align with Schusterman Family Philanthropies vision, core focus areas and values. Read more about these here.
  • Programming must target at least 20 individuals or plan to reach at least 20 individual beneficiaries virtually. Grants will not be made to specifically named organizations, individuals or families.
  • Per the guidelines set by relevant local authorities, as well as Centers for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organizations (WHO) and Ministry of Health in Israel, micro grants must be virtual and will not support any in-person experiences.
  • Micro grant applications will be processed within seven business days of submission.
What should these micro grants not be used for?
  • Applications that include the following will not be funded:
    • Paying bills (rent, utilities, etc.)
    • Salaries to employees/investments in start-ups
    • Direct payments/donations/stipends to organizations or individual people
    • Direct donations to fundraisers
    • Webinars/websites/apps/surveys
    • Clinical trials
    • Recipients who do not fall under the populations listed above
  • Applications that fund an alum’s organizations’ operations/infrastructure/fundraiser will not be funded.
    • If the applicant works for the organization in which they are applying on behalf of, the application is only permitted if the initiative uses funds to directly purchase basic needs for the most vulnerable populations
How does the process work?
  • In keeping with REALITY Micro Grant protocols, payment will be made via PayPal upon completion of the program.
  • Receipts and any signed documentation will be required in order to receive payment. Receipts must be submitted in JPEG, PNG, or PDF format.
  • Payments will be made as reimbursements and will be based on approved funding amount and actual expenses incurred.
  • Final reporting must be submitted within seven days of the project’s completion. You will find a link to your final report in the “My Tasks” section when logged in to