Have questions about REALITY? We have the answers! Below you'll find responses to frequently asked questions regarding our journeys, referral and application process and more.

General FAQs

Can you tell me more about the REALITY journey?

Please visit our website for more details. Review our Community Values and Code of Conduct to understand expectations of participants. 

What journeys are you offering this year and when are they?

Click here for a list of journeys and dates, including sample itineraries.

Who is eligible to apply for REALITY?

REALITY participants reflect the cultural richness, open-mindedness and spirit of innovation inherent in Israel itself. They are acclaimed, cutting-edge leaders in their field — changemakers, entrepreneurs, founders and innovators with demonstrated abilities to harness their influence and transform their industries, while also having the potential to use their talents to spark positive change in the world.

REALITY journey candidates should represent a wide range of ethnicities, races, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities and life experiences, bringing their unique perspectives to their work and enriching the REALITY landscape. They should embrace our Core Values and Code of Conduct.

They are between the ages of 25 and 40, represent a wide range of cultural backgrounds and life experiences, and have an interest, but not yet a personal and/or professional connection to Israel. REALITY is an entry point into the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Foundation, and we are bringing fresh new voices into the Schusterman network. Therefore, we have asked alumni to refrain from nominating past or present participants of other Schusterman Foundation programs (e.g. ROI Community and Schusterman Fellows). To help us achieve the even greater diversity we’re seeking this year, we have also asked alumni to refrain from nominating anyone who is a partner or sibling of a REALITY alum. Please note that we are actively exploring substantive ways to include partners and siblings in the REALITY community. 

Building geographic density enables our community to self organize and collaborate. There is a primary focus on growing our hubs in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, and Washington, DC and sustaining our hubs in New York City and Los Angeles.

How does someone apply for REALITY?

Applications are currently closed for 2019 journeys. Stay tuned for the 2020 application process.

How physically rigorous is the journey?

REALITY is a fairly rigorous and jam-packed program with little downtime. The group is on the move from morning until night. Many of the activities are outside with fairly high temperatures, as well as some hiking and long bus rides. Please note that in order to get the full potential of the REALITY experience, participants must participate on the journey from the beginning to end.

I have severe allergies. Are you able to accommodate?

In an effort to be inclusive and sensitive to our participants’ needs, we do our best to accommodate allergies throughout the journey experience. When an allergy is shared with our team, we gather as much information as possible from the participant(s) so we can notify and prepare our travel partner and vendors in advance of the group’s arrival. If accepted, it is important that you share this information with us as early as possible so we can do our best to make reasonable accommodations. As you can imagine, REALITY journeys are a dynamic environment, and we often visit locations that are not under our direct supervision.

As it relates to food allergies in particular, REALITY and restaurant staff double-check ingredients with food vendors and restaurants at each location throughout the experience and help participants identify the foods they are allowed to eat or any meals that were specially prepared. However, since we do not prepare the meals ourselves, we are unable to guarantee that allergy-related requests are fully implemented and that the meals provided haven’t come into contact with the allergy-causing food(s) or ingredient(s). Restaurants and food vendors in Israel are often less knowledgeable than their North American counterparts about accommodations for severe food allergies, especially as it relates to cross-contamination. Therefore, it is important for participants to also do their own double-checking with both REALITY and restaurant staff. To help with this, we can provide an allergy card written in English and Hebrew to share when necessary.

In addition, we highly recommend participants with allergies obtain comprehensive medical insurance and speak with your doctor about what to bring and any relevant information you should know (e.g., to bring a minimum of four EpiPens).

I can't find the answer to my question(s). Who can I contact?

If you have questions about our journeys application process or any other general inquiries and you cannot find the answer in our FAQ section, please send an email to [email protected]

Registration FAQs

I’ve been accepted to a REALITY journey! What's next?

Congratulations and welcome! Once you are accepted to a REALITY journey, please complete the registration form and pay the registration fee before the specified deadline. You will receive additional information after registering, including the travel form to fill out. 

How do I pay the registration fee?

The registration form contains a link to an external form where you will be asked to complete the payment going to our travel partner, International Routes. Please pay the registration fee before the deadline indicated on the form. If you have any trouble, email [email protected].

I have a commitment before/after the journey which I cannot get out of. Can I arrive late/leave early?

While we understand your situations, unfortunately, due to the nature of the experience, you will not be able to arrive after the group flight lands in Israel or leave before the group flight departs Israel. Each aspect of the program is crucial to the experience, which is why we do not make exceptions, as it would significantly impact your journey experience.

I’ve been waitlisted. What should I do?

While we understand that it is difficult to make arrangements for a potential last-minute acceptance, we do accept participants on the waitlist if spots become available. We will be in touch if a spot opens up on the journey.

If I have to withdraw from a journey, can the registration fee be refunded?

Unfortunately, registration fees are non-refundable. 

If I have to withdraw from a journey, can I defer my acceptance to next year?

We cannot automatically defer an acceptance to a future journey.

Is there a way that I can connect with other participants before the journey starts?

Of course! After registering you will receive an email with an invitation to join your REALITY journey-specific WhatsApp group and we highly encourage you to connect with other members of your cohort.

Travel FAQs

How does the flight process work?

Every journey has an international group flight that departs from JFK or Newark airport. REALITY partners with a travel agent that will work with you to book your ticket on this group flight as well as your domestic travel to get there. Once you have completed the registration form you will receive an email asking you to complete a travel form by a specific deadline. DO NOT BOOK your own travel. The travel agent will do this for you. If you are flying to Israel from outside the US, the travel agent will assist in booking your individual flight plan.

Can I arrive after the program begins or depart before it officially ends?

Due to the nature of the experience, you will not be able to arrive after the group flight lands in Israel or leave before the group flight departs Israel. Each aspect of the program is crucial to the experience, which is why we do not make exceptions, as it would significantly impact your journey experience.

Am I responsible for any flight costs?

Ideally, no. If you complete your travel form by the deadline and are flying on a group flight coach class ticket, you will not incur any flight costs. Additional fees may be incurred if your travel form submission is late or if you plan to arrive early/depart late from Israel, change your flight at the last minute, or do not fly on the group flight. The travel agent will communicate these costs with you prior to booking.

I want to extend my time in Israel (before/after) REALITY. What should I do?

After completing registration you will receive a travel form that allows you to make a request to extend your stay in Israel on one of the international legs of the group flight. The travel agent will communicate any additional costs with you prior to booking. Please note that you will be responsible for your own accommodations as well as any transportation in Israel prior to the start of the journey and after the journey ends.  

I need to return to a different destination from where I departed for REALITY. How can I make those arrangements?

If your arrival and departure destinations are different, please communicate these plans to the travel agent via the travel form you fill out. The travel agent will then communicate any additional costs with you prior to booking.  

I want to make a last-minute change to my flight. Is it possible?

We strongly encourage participants to finalize flight arrangements with the travel agent as soon as possible. Additional fees may be incurred from any changes, which you will be responsible for. 

Do I need a visa to travel to Israel?

US citizens do not need a visa. If you are traveling from outside the US, please check visa requirements at your local Israel consulate as soon as you have been accepted on a REALITY journey to ensure you are able to obtain any documents necessary to travel to Israel. REALITY is able to provide you with proof of the invitation and other relevant documents you may need to obtain the visa, however, we are not able to go on your behalf to a government office in Israel.

My passport expires in less than 6 months from the start of the experience. Do I need to renew?

You must renew your passport if it expires less than 6 months from the date of entry into Israel, even if it’s by a single day.

Does REALITY cover travel health insurance?

Participants are responsible for providing their own medical insurance coverage while on the REALITY journey, including travel days. Participants are also responsible for ensuring they have received all immunizations recommended by their own health care provider for this journey.

Do I need any vaccinations to travel to Israel?

As with any international travel, please check with your health care provider to determine if any vaccinations are needed.