REALITY Tech is a week-long leadership journey in Israel that gathers influential entrepreneurs, investors, and executives who are building the future through technological innovation.

Participants engage in an intensive, thoughtfully curated itinerary throughout the “Start-Up Nation,” designed to elevate their leadership and ignite their ambition to change the world. They develop deep friendships and partnerships with peers from across the globe, while exploring Israeli culture, history and society as a platform for understanding complexities in their own communities and industries. 

REALITY Tech is a substantially subsidized* journey through Israel.

Dates: May 17-24, 2020 (not including travel days before and after the journey)

Registration Fee: *$1,180 USD (non-refundable), to be paid upon receiving acceptance.

The registration fee includes a round trip plane ticket (within the parameters outlined on the travel form you will receive), hotel accommodations with one roommate, 3 meals per day, coach transport, activities and more. Your registration fee for the REALITY experience includes a sum dedicated to offsetting the environmental impact of your international travel and journey while in Israel. REALITY invests that sum in carbon reduction projects, in order to mitigate unavoidable carbon emissions caused by travel and reduce our carbon footprint.

# of Participants: 40-50, including 4 facilitators

Visit our FAQs page for additional information about REALITY, the journeys, the application process and more.

“I loved learning so many facets of the culture, geography, people, religion, conflict etc. The complexity is really best understood through an immersive experience such as REALITY.”

— REALITY 2018 Participant