Are you interested in raising and pooling funds from people who share passion for your idea? Crowdfunding may be the way to achieve your goal, and we’re determined to help you get there.

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Jumpstart Your Crowdfunding Campaign

A Schusterman crowdfunding matching grant can help take your crowdfunding efforts to the next level by boosting your campaign and inspiring your network to support your cause. Read on to learn what it takes to apply for a match. Click to watch the crowdfunding video.

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The Basics
  • ROI Community members are eligible to apply for Schusterman crowdfunding matching grants!
  • While you may apply for any number of matching grants, you may only receive up to one match per calendar year.
  • Which crowdfunding platforms are supported? To be eligible to apply for a match, you can host your campaign on almost any legitimate crowdfunding platform that accepts American Express.
  • Campaigns that are approved will be matched up to a maximum of $5,000, with the value of this match not to exceed 1/3 of the target amount for the campaign.
  • Crowdfunding matching grants are designed to kick-start new projects, not to fund general operating expenses or core programs of an organization. Additionally, we rarely fund filmmaking campaigns, so if you are applying for funding for a film/movie project we will look for an exceptionally strong rationale as to how it aligns with our values.
  • Before applying for a match, ask yourself:
    • Is your campaign aligned with the Schusterman values of Tikkun Olam, Israel, Jewish community and/or inclusion (read more about these values here)?
    • Is it suited for the crowdfunding model?
    • Do you have realistic monetary goals?
  1. Plan! Plan out your crowdfunding strategy, and determine how much funding you will request through matching.
  2. Apply. Apply for a Schusterman crowdfunding matching grant, and hear back from the crowdfunding team within approximately 10 business days with a decision or follow-up questions. Application tip: Let us know how you plan to leverage this matching grant to propel your cause!
  3. Launch. When you're all set to launch your campaign, update us with your final campaign details.**
  4. Payment. Once you have raised at least the amount of your match, let us know that you're ready for payment, and we will transfer the approved grant amount to your campaign.* Payment tip: Make sure to submit the Ready for Payment form at least 10 business days prior to the closing date of your campaign. We cannot transfer funds to a closed campaign!
  5. Report. Within two weeks of your campaign's completion, let us know the outcome of your crowdfunding experience. Did you meet your ultimate goal? How many people donated? We want to hear all about it!*

**The forms in steps 3, 4 and 5 can all be accessed via personalized links located in your grant approval email.

Important Notes:

  • Only campaign platforms accepting American Express can be supported.
  • Crowdfunding campaigns that are inappropriate, mean-spirited, offensive or political in nature will not be approved for Schusterman matching. This will be determined at the sole discretion of the Schusterman Foundation.
  • The Schusterman Foundation will not donate to campaigns where the money is transferred through Israel Gives/Israel Toremet.