Are you ready for some Brain Dates?

Take me straight to the Brain Date platform!

The Brain Date platform adds a layer of intentionality to your interactions at the ROI Summit.

Spontaneous conversations and knowledge-sharing among attendees offer some of the best content at the Summit! The Brain Date platform is here to elevate these otherwise impromptu meetings by providing you with direction, a sense of efficiency (i.e., timed meetings) and the confidence that your knowledge "supply" meets someone else's "demand" – and vice versa.

Dubbed "Brain Dates," these intentional, one-on-one, 30-minute "meetings of the mind" will help you make the most of the skills and know-how that surround you in Jerusalem.

Browse through the online Brain Date platform to:

  1. Discover knowledge Offers and Requests from your fellow participants and special guests, and formulate a few of your own;
  2. Book Brain Dates before heading to the Brain Bar and other designated locations to meet your match in person. "Peer-to-peer learning," "intentionality," "knowledge-sharing" and "reciprocity" are the names of this game.

How should I get started?

First, take a leap of faith. The Summit will be chock-full of people with vast knowledge to share. While not everyone's expertise will interest or entice you, others' will be just what you need to, for example, master the skill of "managing up," make that cross-country road trip a reality, or add that funky new feature to your budding smartphone application.

All you need to do is reach out to specific people whose Offers are relevant to you, or cast the bait out to the pool of knowledge-sharers with a well-formulated Request. Well – what do you wish to learn?

Second, believe in your own potential to enlighten others. To maximize your Brain Dating experience, don't only seek knowledge, but offer it, too. For instance, perhaps you recently launched a wildly successful webinar series, and can offer best practices to others. Or maybe you're an expert on crowdfunding. Or, your Shabbat dinner recipes never fail to bring people together.

We are 100% confident that you bring desirable know-how to the table, based on lived or learned experiences. Please take this opportunity to share some of it with this Community and beyond! Go ahead – make an Offer.