Hailing from dozens of countries around the world, ROIers are creating positive impact in fields as diverse as diplomacy, Jewish pluralism, wellness, sustainability and everything in between. Some are founders, others are grassroots organizers; all bring a colorful array of talents and experiences to bear in their efforts to effect change in their communities and in society at large. 

No two ROIers are exactly alike, but we’ve boiled down the basics of what we look for when selecting ROI Community members.

First, the technicalities. To apply to join ROI Community, you must be:

  • In your 20s or 30s

  • Available to participate fully for the entire duration of the ROI Summit: June 21 - 25, 2020

So far so good? Read on to learn about the characteristics we value in ROI Community candidates.

Community Spirit and Mindset. You:

  • Demonstrate consistent community involvement and engagement. You take an active role in community life and support fellow members.
  • Leverage networking opportunities to form both personal and professional ties.
  • Are eager to offer unique opportunities for engagement of fellow Community members.

Impressive Professional Trajectory and Impact. You:

  • Have demonstrated significant professional growth, and/or potential for growth.
  • Have experience advancing causes, projects or organizations in your area of impact.
  • Hold a professional position from which you can make - and have made - significant positive social impact.
  • Are recognized in your field, and can bring a unique added value to your fellow ROIers.

Generous, Gracious and Introspective Character. You:

  • Are humble, courteous, kind and pleasant.
  • Are generous, willing to give of your time, your expertise and your connections.
  • Are open-minded and inclusive.
  • Are introspective, authentic and curious.

Purpose-Driven Journey. You:

  • (Your) Work and impact are driven by your values. You are motivated by a sense of purpose/שליחות.
  • Take initiative, and inspire action among those around you.
  • Are dedicated and committed to your cause.

Genuine Interest in and Connection to Israel or Jewish Life. You:

  • Are willing to explore Jewish/Israeli identity.
  • Are curious about diverse expressions of Jewish/Israeli life and community.
  • Are open to being engaged in Jewish/Israeli life and community.

Important eligibility clarifications and tips:

I have not been recommended to apply to the ROI Summit. Can I still apply?

Applications to the ROI Summit are only available to individuals who have been recommended to ROI Community by ROIers or organizational partners.

I have already participated in an ROI Summit or Regional Gathering. Can I apply to attend the 2020 ROI Summit?

If you have already participated in an ROI Summit or Regional Gathering, then the Summit application process is not for you. Only a small group of existing ROI members return to participate in the ROI Summit. These individuals receive a personal invitation from ROI Community to attend.

Are alumni of REALITY journeys eligible to apply?

Yes! Participation in other Schusterman immersive programs does not disqualify you from applying to the 2020 ROI Summit.