Joining ROI Community

Jewish leaders and entrepreneurs in their 20s and 30s join ROI Community by attending the ROI Summit. 

The ROI Summit

The ROI Summit is a five-day networking and professional development gathering held in Jerusalem each summer. In order to become an ROI Community member (or, an ROIer), you need to participate in the ROI Summit. Aside from a nominal fee, the Summit is free for participants. 

At the Summit, incoming ROIers get to connect and experience meaningful discourse through our specially crafted sessions, which include keynote speeches, peer-led master classes, facilitated networking opportunities, performances and more. Every moment of the Summit – even apparent "down time" – is prime time to connect with others in your field, or learn something new from someone with different life experience than you. We encourage Summit participants to take advantage of the face-to-face time the Summit affords, and to disconnect from the "real world" outside of ROI Campus for the five days of the gathering.

At the ROI Summit, we strive to model the type of collaborative, supportive, professional environment we expect the Community to embody year-round.

Applying to the ROI Summit

Application to the ROI Summit is by recommendation. Each year, existing members of ROI Community – as well as organizational partners – receive an invitation to recommend a candidate to join ROI Community. The candidate is then invited to apply to the upcoming ROI Summit. Click here to read the ROI Summit eligibility criteria. 

Accepted applicants attend the five-day Summit in Jerusalem. Once the Summit concludes, participants join a year-round, active "community of reciprocity." Learn more here.

Our Expectation

We accept candidates into the Community with the understanding that they are eager to join an active, supportive network. We expect ROIers to be responsive; to step up when opportunities to gain or contribute arise; to be active change makers; to demonstrate a collaborative mindset; to be open to new ideas; and to embody respectful discourse both in and out of the Community. With the support of this Community, we aim to empower members to take an active role in shaping Israel’s social landscape and the future of the Jewish and broader worlds.

To learn more about ROI members and how they #ConnectAndCreate, watch these videos.