To see the world as it actually exists. To recognize our responsibility to repair it.  

For more than a decade, REALITY has brought inspiring changemakers on a formative journey to Israel to strengthen their leadership, to ignite their passion for repairing the world, and to deepen their understanding of and connection to a unique and complex country.   

REALITY’s week-long journeys are curated for leaders who work in a range of industries at the forefront of societal innovation—from media to technology, food to wellness, design to social impact. Through an intensive, thoughtfully tailored itinerary, participants engage with Israel’s storied history, diverse society and rich culture while deepening their leadership skills and developing partnerships with peers from across the globe.   

REALITY journeys include a global travel experience, immersive cultural learning, leadership development and lifelong connections all in one week. 

REALITY participants go beyond headlines and soundbites to explore firsthand Israel’s many interwoven stories, successes and challenges that offer a lens for engaging with the most pressing questions our world faces. Every REALITY journey presents multiple—and often competing—narratives and perspectives on the historical, social and political realities on the ground, as participants hear from many of the people and communities that comprise Israel’s diverse society—Jewish, Arab, Palestinian, Ethiopian, LGBTQ+ and more.    

Following their REALITY journey, all participants become a part of the REALITY community, a network of more than 2,200 global changemakers who have participated in a REALITY journey and are applying lessons learned and lasting connections from Israel to make a deeper impact through their work.  

REALITY is uniquely designed for proven leaders from all faith, race, gender and geographic backgrounds who:  

  • Have a track record of success in their field and are looking for an experience that will sharpen their leadership skills;   
  • Are curious, committed to continuous learning and open to being challenged;  
  • Are looking to build partnerships with like-minded global leaders ready to take on society’s most pressing challenges;   
  • Are eager to expand their understanding of a complex country and region of the world; and  
  • Are ready to take an in-depth look at their preconceived notions about themselves, their communities and reality.   

We hope that every leader that experiences Israel through a REALITY journey remains curious and inspired to reflect on the values that guide their leadership to spark positive change in the world.   

For all upcoming journeys, we will strive to ensure a safe and meaningful experience for all REALITY participants by adhering to the safety restrictions and regulations set forth by the Israeli ministry of health and tourism. Please refer to our FAQs for more details of COVID safety requirements.        

REALITY is an initiative of Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropies, which strives for a future in which the United States and Israel live up to their highest ideals and achieve more just and inclusive societies.