More than 60 countries worldwide have ROIer-presence. While our Community can keep in touch online, there's nothing quite like meeting up in person! The cities listed below are our current hubs – locations in which we have ROIer volunteers who are taking a leadership role in creating opportunities that help fellow members #ConnectAndCreate locally. These volunteers are called ROI Igniters.

Learn about the Igniters

Click on the locations below to see who the Igniters are for each region and click here for the listing of upcoming ROIer events around the world.


We thank our ROI Igniters for taking on this volunteer role.

What if your region doesn't have an Igniter? Don't worry, you're totally on our radar! If you would like to learn more about this role and getting involved in this capacity yourself, be in touch. Just remember, you don't need to be an Igniter in order to initiate local activity! Be proactive: if you have an idea that needs funding, check out Grassroots Events.