2022 ROI Summit
(Jerusalem, June 19-23, 2022)

The ROI Summit will return in 2022 after a two-year hiatus!*

The ROI Summit is our annual, five-day gathering that brings together 150 global Jewish leaders with track records of impact to share knowledge, collaborate, be inspired, and bolster their toolboxes for change. The Summit is more than a conference: it is the gateway to ROI Community. At the conclusion of the Summit, participants become members of the year-round ROI Community network.

At the Summit, we invite a small number of keynote speakers and outside facilitators to lead select sessions, but the bulk of our methodologies position the participants themselves as both speakers and spectators, presenters and consultants, knowledge seekers and experts. The participant-led nature of the Summit design models the behavior we hope to see embodied by our members at the gathering and beyond: ROI is a community of reciprocity, and we expect incoming changemakers to be eager to both gain from and actively contribute to their ROI peers.

Apart from a nominal fee, travel expenses and program costs are covered for participants.

Applying to the 2022 ROI Summit


Application to the ROI Summit is by recommendation only: Candidates must be recommended by existing ROI members or organizational partners in order to apply. The application is not available to those without a recommendation. 

When the time comes, ROI Community will turn to our members and network affiliates to recommend outstanding 2022 Summit candidates. Meanwhile, please view our eligibility criteria and participant profile

A note about 2020 Summit applicants: Candidates who applied to the 2020 ROI Summit were offered an opportunity to complete the 2022 Summit application automatically (i.e., without needing to be referred again in 2022). These automatic referrals ended once we reached 100 applications from 2020 candidates. 2020 candidates will now need to seek a recommendation from an existing ROI member or organizational partner to access the 2022 Summit application.

Get a sense of the Summit experience by checking out a short video from the 2019 ROI Summit here.

We strive to create an environment at the ROI Summit where all individuals can fully participate. If you need any accommodations to ensure the Summit environment supports your abilities, please email [email protected].

*The 2022 ROI Summit and COVID-19: As excited as we are to be launching Summit recruitment, the coronavirus pandemic has made it clear that—no matter how well you plan—nothing is guaranteed. While we hope to be able to gather global changemakers in June 2022 in the ways we wish, we realize it may not be possible for participants from all corners of the world to travel to Israel at that time. We will continue to follow the trajectory of the pandemic and make changes to—or, if need be, cancel—the program to ensure the health and safety of our attendees, while doing our best to stay true to ROI's commitment to being a global network. For Israel's most up-to-date travel rules and restrictions, please see the Israeli Health Ministry's COVID Information Center. For COVID-related ROI Summit eligibility guidelines, please see our eligibility criteria page.