When talented professionals build their capacity for resiliency and self-awareness, they strengthen their ability to transform the organizations and communities they serve.

Since 2015, the Schusterman Fellowship has supported, cultivated and invested in exceptional leaders committed to building and sustaining Jewish nonprofits and Israeli civil society. The program reflects our belief that for Jewish life and Israel to thrive in the 21st century, we need talented leaders at the helm—leaders who reflect and nurture the full diversity of our Jewish communities.

Our Fellowship Community

We prioritize constructing diverse cohorts that reflect the full make-up of global Jewish communities. This diversity ensures that our Fellows are representative of and equipped to lead the communities they serve. It also provides a space for our Fellows to connect productively and meaningfully across lines of difference, particularly around issues relating to Schusterman's core beliefs.  

What do we mean by diverse cohorts? 

The Schusterman Fellowship strives to build cohorts that reflect global Jewish communities, including a breadth of racial and ethnic identities, gender expressions, organizational representation, political and ideological opinions, nationalities, religious observance and more. We expect Fellows and prospective applicants to have already begun learning and understanding their situational contexts and how they interact with and are perceived by others. 

What do we mean by connecting across lines of difference? 

Amid increasing polarization in the Jewish community and beyond, we believe that the ability to engage meaningfully across difference is a necessity for impactful leaders. To strengthen their skills in this area, all Fellows are expected to practice engaging with and facilitating productive discussions around complex issues during their time in the Fellowship.  

What are Schusterman’s core beliefs? 

Schusterman Family Philanthropies works in the United States to advance racial, gender and economic equity, as well as joyful and inclusive Jewish communities. We also work to strengthen Israel as a secure homeland for the Jewish people, a thriving democracy and an inclusive civil society. Our curriculum centers these beliefs to contribute to transforming and sustaining Jewish nonprofits and Israeli civil society. While we do not expect Fellows to align with all of Schusterman Family Philanthropies’ beliefs, we do expect all Fellows to recognize that these beliefs and our commitment to equity are central to our programming.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that when leaders build resiliency and self-awareness, their capacity grows for making effective, long-term impact. That’s why the Schusterman Fellowship takes an “inside-out” approach to leadership, one that recognizes that change begins from within.

This “inside out” approach is incorporated across every element of the Schusterman Fellowship, from how we develop our curriculum, to how we build our community, to how we engage our Senior Fellows (alumni) after the 18-month program concludes.

As an outcome, we expect our Fellows to tap into three sets of leadership competencies we identify as essential for exercising sustainable leadership: Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading Systems.  

Sustainable Leadership

Leading Self Competencies: Be a leader who is self-aware and resilient

Leading Systems Competencies: Be a leader who creates and transforms

Our Curriculum

The 18-month Schusterman Fellowship curriculum is a cohort-based experience with 25-30 Fellows. It includes:

  • 18 one-on-one sessions with an executive coach
  • 6 virtual learning sessions led by Senior Fellows (alumni) and other content experts
  • 3 in-person gatherings
  • 3 sessions with a Chevruta (Jewish learning partner)
  • 1 Customized Leadership Development Plan (CLDP), in which Fellows articulate their leadership goals and receive funding to pursue growth opportunities
  • 1 comprehensive 360-degree leadership assessment

Each of these components incorporates the Schusterman Fellowship’s focus on “inside-out” leadership and foster Fellows’ learning and growth as they practice our leadership competencies.

Our Senior Fellows Experience

The Senior Fellows experience begins immediately after the Schusterman Fellowship. This alumni network is a lifelong community that offers ongoing support for Senior Fellows as they continue to grow as individual and system leaders. Senior Fellows are eligible to apply for funding to support individual development, career transitions and collaborations. Senior Fellows connect by participating in regular Fellowship community calls, bi-annual in-person gatherings and regional in-person gatherings. The Senior Fellows community nurtures and practices the behavior of reciprocity through formal and informal collaboration.

With funding from the Schusterman Fellowship, many Senior Fellows partner with one another to further their organizational missions and strengthen Jewish nonprofits and Israeli civil society. Examples of Senior Fellow partnerships include:

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