Schusterman Fellows enter our program ready to take their leadership to the next level. They leave with the capacity to drive meaningful, lasting change.  

Our unique, “inside-out” curriculum drives results, with Schusterman Fellows crediting our program for improving many aspects of their leadership. At the conclusion of the 18-month program and in subsequent years, our Fellows report greater confidence, increased self-awareness and a renewed sense of purpose and passion for their work.  

These benefits have ripple effects: when Jewish leaders feel equipped and energized to drive change, Jewish nonprofits and organizations across Israeli civil society are poised to thrive.  

Our Committment to Learning and Sharing

In partnership with Learning for Action, we regularly assess the experience of each Fellowship cohort, as well as the long-term impact of the program on Fellows as they advance in their career.  

Each evaluation helps us tap into the spirit of relentless learning, ensure the continued relevance and success of our Fellowship curriculum, and inform the broader leadership development field. 

Our Immediate Impact

To learn about the immediate effects of the program, we conducted an evaluation of our Cohort 6 Fellows in 2021 at the end of the initial 18-month program.  

From this evaluation, we found that during the course of the Fellowship: 

  • 85% of Fellows introduced content they learned in the Fellowship to colleagues at their organization.   
  • 81% of Fellows engaged in at least one activity with the potential to influence others, such as publishing an op-ed or speaking on a topic of expertise. 
  • 77% of Fellows experienced some type of career advancement. 
  • 1 in 2 Fellows were approached about new professional opportunities.  

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Our Long-Term Impact

To learn about the long-term effects of the program, we conducted an evaluation in 2021 of Senior Fellows who completed the Schusterman Fellowship one to four years prior.  

From this evaluation, we found that in the years after the Fellowship: 

  • 98% of Senior Fellows are taking they learned in the Fellowship back to their organizations or other spheres of influence. 
  • 96% of Senior Fellows think that the Fellowship network is a resource for their sustainability and longevity as leaders. 
  • 92% of Senior Fellows feel that they deal more effectively with leadership challenges. 
  • 1 in 2 Senior Fellows have been approached about new professional opportunities. 

Read the full evaluation

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