We believe in learning and growing together. 

Just like our Schusterman Fellows, we too want to continue pushing ourselves to learn and grow. We believe that in order to offer a best-in-class leadership development program, we must seek to systematically understand the impact of the Schusterman Fellowship program on our participants and to share that insight with the broader leadership development field.

We are proud to partner with Learning for Action to evaluate the experience of each Fellowship cohort, as well as the long-term impact of the program on Fellows as they advance in their career. With each new evaluation comes the chance to learn from our Fellows, strengthen our work and inform the broader field.   

Key Findings

Schusterman Fellows credit the program for improving many aspects of their leadership. In particular, Fellows report greater confidence, increased self-awareness and a renewed sense of purpose and passion for their work in the Jewish sector. 

Our most recent program evaluation found that since the Fellowship:

  • 82% of Fellows in professional roles have advanced to senior leadership positions.
  • 59% of Fellows were approached about a lay leadership opportunity, like joining a board or advisory committee.
  • 67% of Fellows say that the Fellowship highly contributed to positive change in their organizations.
  • 89% of Fellows introduced Fellowship content to their colleagues.
  • 79% of Fellows reported feeling very or extremely committed to long-term professional leadership in the Jewish sector.