Education, Training and Alumni Director, Project Ten

Project Ten is a Jewish international development organization that aims to increase the resilience of the local population in the developing areas we work in.

IsraelJerusalem, Israel
Education, Jewish Education, Jewish Culture, Israel Culture, Tikkun Olam/ Social Justice, Service/Volunteerism

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Posted April 20, 2017


Project Ten is a Jewish international development organization that aims to increase the resilience of the local population in the developing areas we work in. Alongside, we aim to study in depth about the Jewish motivations for social activism, deal with ethical dilemmas through Jewish text and study about the local culture

The program operates five centers around the world: at Namulanda in Uganda, Winneba in Ghana, Oaxaca in Mexico, Durban in South Africa, and Hardouf in Israel. Two more centers are expected to open in the coming year. 

Director of Education

Position fields of activity:

  • Content: The program’s formal curriculum – formulation, editing, guiding and inculcation in the educational teams, analysis and update.
  • Support: Ongoing individual support for the staff member responsible for the educational process at each center, focusing on selection and transfer of content, leading educational and group processes, and creating a pluralist spiritual experience based on Shabbat and religious holidays. Devising a support program for the teams at the centers.
  • Training: coordinating all the training on the program:
  • Training prior to going into the field, devising an orientation program, training and enrichment for all the staff members
  • Coordinating and developing an internal support program for each center, for the coordinators in the field, by the center director.
  • Coordinating Community of Practice (a forum that enables the staff members of the various centers to share information, experiences and dilemmas with each other).
  • Identifying the educational needs of the project, in general, and providing a suitable educational solution.
  • Tailoring and developing educational material, for special missions, conferences etc.
  • Preserving and sharing knowhow: preserving knowhow accumulated by the staff of the different centers, focusing on educational facilities.
  • Preserving knowhow: devising systems for preserving knowhow between groups of volunteers at the volunteer facilities of each center.
  • Alumni network: Coordination of the whole field, continuing the process of consolidation of the graduates’ network (vision, goals, mode of operation).
  • Member of the TEN project senior staff and an integral part of the overall decision-making process.
  • Helping the project director with ongoing project matters.

Position requirements:

  • Professional background and proven success in relevant informal Jewish education, including group training and moderation
  • In-depth knowledge of Jewish sources (classical and modern), Zionist sources and contemporary Israeli culture.
  • Commitment to the approach and accepted standards of Jewish service learning.
  • Familiarity with the field of sustainable development in developing countries / volunteer programs in developing countries.
  • Experience in devising and editing study facilities.
  • Rich and varied experience in social activity.
  • In-depth knowledge of the field of young Jews from all over the world, and previous experience of devising sharing processes with a varied and young audience.
  • Familiarity with, and command of, computer systems, presentations (PowerPoint, Prezi - an advantage), storage of knowhow and information, Webinars, Internet-based research, Office.
  • Excellent communication skills, Interpersonal relations, teamwork, and management skills.
  • Mother tongue-level English (most of the oral and written work will take place in English)
  • Ability to work under pressure in an intercultural and changeable environment.
  • Ability to work independently, and to develop and implement programs.
  • Ability to work with a work plan.


Master’s degree in a relevant field (education, Jewish studies, social work, sustainable development etc.)
Full-time position in Jerusalem.

A CV in Hebrew or English should be submitted to Hadar Orad, to: [email protected] (under the heading of: TEN Project head office education director)

(Photo credit: Project Ten-Be The Change Facebook page )