Jews In Space

Chanukah On Mars

North AmericaNew York, NY
Dec 5, 20187:00 PM

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Posted November 12, 2018.

Tech Tribe Presents:

Jews In Space

Chanukah On Mars

Join our launch party, as Tech Tribe celebrates a Chanukah that's out of this world!
 Explore the Jews in Space art instillation and then enjoy Chanukah treats, great drinks, an augmented reality menorah and more!

Wednesday  December 5th  - 7:00pm 

Brooklyn Children's Museum 145 Brooklyn Avenue NY ‚Äč

JEWS IN SPACE is a multimedia exploration of Jewish life on the Red Planet. 

For nearly 2000 years, Judaism has served as a portable culture, taken and practiced through the diverse wanderings of the Jewish people. 

JEWS IN SPACE uses this history as a backdrop to ask, what will Jewish life look like in space? How will our traditions, values and observances transfer to a new planet? 

(Photo Credit: Jews In Space)