Maine Conference for Jewish Life

A pluralistic opportunity for Jewish learning and celebration in central Maine. 

North AmericaWaterville, ME
Jun 8 to 10, 20188:30 AM - 8:45 PM
Jewish Education, Global Jewish Community, Jewish Culture, Jewish Identity, Jewish Learning

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Posted May 31, 2018.

Maine Conference for Jewish Life
June 8-10, 2018

The Maine Conference for Jewish Life is a pluralistic opportunity for superior Jewish learning and joyous celebration in central Maine. Living far from America’s major urban centers (and from one another), Jews in northern New England rarely gain access to the Jewish world’s finest scholars and cultural innovators, or the experience of being surrounded by a critical mass of other Jews. This conference brings Jews from across the region together in order to gain familiarity with the jewels of Jewish civilization, convene with other Jews from around the state, exchange best practices for crafting successful rural Jewish lives, experience the benefits and challenges of celebrating in a pluralistic environment, and revel in Torah learning.

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(Photo Credit: Maine Conference for Jewish Life)