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Hakhel is the first-of-its-kind Jewish Intentional Communities Incubator and its purpose is to cultivate the emergence of a range of new experiments in Jewish community.

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Oct 5, 2018

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Posted August 5, 2018.

Request for Proposals
Hakhel: The Jewish Intentional Communities Incubator

Hakhel was founded on the premise that communal life is an irreplaceable component in maintaining Jewish identity, and that as part of the general rejuvenation of Jewish life in the Diaspora it only makes sense to come up with new and innovative communal models as well. Hakhel is the first-of-its-kind Jewish Intentional Communities Incubator and its purpose is to cultivate the emergence of a range of new experiments in Jewish community.

The word Hakhel means "gather the people," or "to create a community.” It’s from the same root word as Kehillah , community. This term alludes to the project’s two-fold aim of encouraging and developing young communities, and using these communities as a method for engaging young adults in Jewish life, learning and service.

Hakhel invests, both directly and indirectly, in a wide range of new initiatives and experiments in Jewish community. We want to encourage and nourish greater health and sustainability. Where possible, we hope to learn from some of the remarkable experiments in sustainable and intentional communities that have grown dramatically in Israel in the last two or three decades, and connect community leaders from Israel and the Diaspora to grow a global network.

Hakhel provides three channels of support for this nascent movement:

  1. We provide matching mini-grants , professional consulting , and learning trips to Israel for individual communities and community leaders.
  2. We network communities through conferences, peer-learning, trainings and seminars.
  3. We develop content and educational materials to further develop the field and the discourse of Jewish Intentional Communities.

How to join
What we mean by “ Jewish Intentional Community ” is a group of people who live in close proximity, share a sense of purpose around what it means to be in community , and who have a long-term vision for the community they seek to create. They are rooted in Jewish life, broadly construed; and they’re meeting together on a regular basis with the intention of reaching a wider group of people and having an impact on the world they live in.

If you feel that you are an innovative and entrepreneurial Jewish leader, who wants to create something like this, we encourage you to apply!

We are looking for nascent communities and community leaders to join Hakhel. Even a group of 2-3 people who share a similar vision and values can be a seed community, or it can start as an independent Minyan, a social- or environmental-justice oriented group, alumni or sub-groups of short-term communal programs (like Moishe House, Repair the World, and Avodah), and more. 
If accepted into Hakhel we’ll work with you and support you over 3 years.

We accept applications from anywhere in the Jewish world outside of Israel.

What will you receive if you’re accepted?
Over the first three years, groups joining Hakhel will receive:

  • Fully funded professional consulting on community development and sustainable living. Your handpicked consultant will guide you through the technical processes involved in community building, and be a fountain of wisdom for new member engagement, retention and a myriad of other topics.
  • Networking opportunities with like minded folk who are building brand new communities, just like you.
  • Seed money and matching grants for community development and sustainable activity. Matching grants will generally be in the range of $2,000 to $5,000, and additional grants will be offered on a rolling basis for specific events and initiatives.
  • Professional assistance in fundraising efforts to match Hakhel’s grant.
  • Subsidies for Hazon’s Hakhel Israel Trips where you will learn about how over 200 intentional communities in Israel have become so well established.
  • Educational materials , training and local conferences, which you can use to educate yourself about the process of building a community, or to inspire members about your vision.
  • Travel subsidies and stipends towards the annual Jewish Intentional Communities international conference (JICC).

What would your commitment to the program be?

  • Partnering with Hazon to facilitate learning, growing, and having fun together.
  • Sending two reps to each annual conference, local conference, and Israel trip
  • Participating in trainings, evaluation and data collection.
  • Reporting about your community’s progress, membership and impact, including specific data collection as evidence of community growth.

We accept applications on a rolling basis,
and the current cycle closes on October 5th, 2018.
If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected]

About Hazon
The word “Hazon” means vision. Hazon is the Jewish lab for sustainability. We work to create a healthier and more sustainable Jewish community, and a healthier and more sustainable world for all. We were founded in 2000 and we have grown every year since. We welcome participants of all religious backgrounds and none, and we work closely with a wide range of communities across the world.

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