San Francisco Career Up Now: Women of Wisdom

Women of Wisdom: An Evening of Wisdom Sharing: Mix, Mingle, & Mentor

North AmericaSan Francisco, CA
Oct 24, 20186:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Storytelling, Women's Empowerment

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Posted October 2, 2018.

Career Up Now
San Fransisco 2018: Women of Wisdom: An Evening of Wisdom Sharing: Mix, Mingle, & Mentor

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Career Up Now empowers Jewish emerging professionals to advance their careers while incorporating Jewish values into their lives, through innovative networking and education opportunities with Jewish industry leaders.

Career Up Now’s intergenerational, relationship-building, immersive experiences and ongoing programs strengthen Jewish community as professionals of all Jewish affiliations, across all industries, and of all ages and backgrounds - including a majority who are minimally engaged in Judaism - explore Judaism’s timeless wisdom and find relevance and meaning for their professional and personal lives.

As we develop our Career Up Now communities in local cities our goal is to engage industry and community leaders of all ages to serve as the individuals who will advise and become mentors for our emerging professionals. To do this, prior to launching a cohort, we engage community members through innovative awareness experiences whose design reflects the Career Up Now methodology.

This is a women’s evening of wisdom sharing where individuals will gather to share their experiences with mentoring throughout their lives, and engage in dialogues around the importance of those mentorships...both being a mentor and being mentored.

6:00 - Drinks and Dinner
When checking in there will be a table with Jewish values cards laid out. Values such as attentive listening, loving all creatures, having a sense of humor, asking questions. Arrivees are asked to select one card that resonates with them in the concept of mentoring. (this card will be used later in the evening)

6:30 - Program Begins
Introductions and brief piece about Career Up Now

6:45 - Activity 1: Jewish Values
This is the “icebreaker” where individuals will discuss the card they selected at sign-in with others and how the card specifically resonated with them.

7:45 - Activity 2: Self Created Open Space 
There will be large notepads. Individuals in the room will be asked to write a topic on a piece of paper; these topics will be presented to the group for small self-selected break off groups. Read more about this style of activity here.

8:45 - Activity Closes and Final Schmoozing

9:00 - Program Ends

We hope you can join us for this dynamic evening to engage with others through Career Up Now’s methodology!  Please email Career Up Now’s managing director Bradley Caro Cook Ed.D., to register or to learn more.

(Photo Credit: Career Up Now Facebook page)