The Naomi Chazan Activism Fellowship, NIF

The Naomi Chazan Activism Fellowship is an exciting opportunity for young (21-35) and passionate social justice people to take action and to connect to grassroots activism in Israel.

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Mar 19, 2018
Leadership Development, Israel

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Posted March 1, 2018.

The Naomi Chazan Activism Fellowship, NIF

The application process for the 2018-2019 fellowship cohort is now open. The deadline for applications is March 19th.

The Naomi Chazan Activism Fellowship is an exciting opportunity for young (21-35) and passionate social justice people to take action and to connect to grassroots activism in Israel.

This year Israel is celebrating 70 years and the New Israel Fund is calling up
exceptional individuals to join the movement for change. This prestigious program
includes a 10-day trip from July 9-17, 2018, to Israel and the Palestinian Territories for a
unique immersion in Israeli society. Fellows from the US, UK, Canada and Australia will
have the opportunity to connect with each other and with Israeli and Palestinian leaders
in the ground.

Following the trip, the fellowship requires participants to take action with the New Israel Fund back home throughout the year. Fellows commit to developing projects together that build support for the issues they are passionate about. Participants will also be invited to take part in unique opportunities such as private briefings, calls, and regional and national summits. They will also continue to interact as a cohort – the beginnings of a network of young Jewish progressives around the world.

The Fellowship is subsidized by generous donors in the NIF community. If selected, participants pay $1000 to cover their accommodations and most meals. In addition, participants will purchase their own airfare and travel insurance. Need-based partial scholarships are available.

For more details contact May Pundak, Director of New Generations, San Francisco at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is the fellowship for?
The fellowship is for young adults (ages 21–35) who are able to demonstrate leadership experience, a commitment to NIF’s vision and values, and skills or professional expertise that they are interested in developing and applying to activist work to advance a just, equal, democratic and pluralistic Israel.

No previous participation in New Israel Fund events or within the New Gen community is required.

What does being a participant look like?
As mentioned, following the trip and throughout the year fellows will be required to take action in their local communities with New Israel Fund. Fellows commit to develop projects together that build support for the issues they are passionate about such as community events, Shabbat dinners, public programs, and others. We’re looking forward to seeing our fellows become NIF ambassadors in the broader community, “speaking out” on issues relating to their passions and on issues related to the work of NIF such as social justice, human rights, religious freedom and shared society in Israel.

What do fellows receive?
A unique opportunity to play a role in advancing positive social change in Israel Professional development with activists and leaders from the world of community organizing and social change
Networking opportunities to forge connections and partnerships with Israeli, British, Australian, and international peers and leaders, and to join an international community of like-minded activists
Firsthand experience and in-depth knowledge of New Israel Fund issue areas and projects throughout Israel. Platforms for leadership and speaking opportunities within the American Jewish community, NIF’s networks and further afield.

What are you looking for in candidates?
The fellowship is open to outstanding people, ages 21-35, who can demonstrate the following:

  • Active engagement with Israel, including having travelled to Israel previously and possessing a solid understanding of modern Israeli politics and a basic understanding of historical context
  • Skills and experience of leadership and activism, and a keen interest in applying these within the American Jewish community
  • Professional and/or voluntary experience relevant to the planning and execution of effective activities in areas such as fundraising, communications and community organizing
  • A strong affinity with NIF’s values and mission, and a desire and ability to act as ambassadors for New Israel Fund

What is the application process and timeline?
Fill in the application form by March 19, 2018.
If your initial application is accepted, we will invite you to interview during the week of March 20th.
We will notify applicants who have been accepted during the week of March 27th.

We recommend applicants first write their answers in a separate document, then paste their answers into the application form.

About Naomi Chazan
Born in Jerusalem during the British mandate era, Professor Naomi Chazan is synonymous with an Israel that defends human rights, promotes equality and seeks a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Naomi’s commitment to building an Israel as envisioned by the Declaration of Independence has been seen in her roles as a former Deputy Speaker for the Knesset for Meretz, a senior Israeli academic, activist for women’s rights, and former President of the New Israel Fund.

Naomi’s years of service and dedication to social justice, peace and tolerance, are the perfect inspiration for NIF’s new US Fellowship.

(Photo Credit: The Naomi Chazan Activism Fellowship)