Vice President of Technology Strategy and Operations, Hillel International

Are you interested in joining a team that's working to create the model 21st century social enterprise?

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Posted April 20, 2017

Are you interested in joining a team that's working to create the model 21st century social enterprise? Do you understand the role that digital products and technologies play in promoting innovation, collaboration, communication, insight, impact and efficiency? Do you have substantial experience in the areas of technology planning and strategy, technology development and/or IT management? If so, you may be a good candidate to serve as Hillel International's Vice President of Technology Strategy and Operations.

Hillel International is seeking a Vice President of Technology Strategy and Operations to provide strategic technology vision and leadership in the development, implementation, and management of technology solutions that enable both the Schusterman International Center and the entire movement of Hillel affiliates to execute on Hillel's "Drive to Excellence" strategic implementation plan. The Vice President will work closely with Hillel International's Chief Operating Officer and the rest of its senior management team to deploy cutting-educe enterprise data technologies to inform and guide Hillel's work and to establish the 21st century digital infrastructure that enables high impact communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing among thousands of Hillel professionals and other stakeholders. The Vice President will also be responsible for management of all core IT operations undergirding the work of Hillel International.

What You'll Do:

Strategic and Operational Planning

  • Oversee the development of Hillel International's strategic technology plan, in consultation with senior management, colleagues at Hillel International, field professionals and other relevant stakeholders and partners.
  • Regularly engage the organization's key internal and external stakeholders to gain a clear understanding of the challenges, needs and opportunities that Hillel International can address through new or improved technology products and digital experiences.
  • Develop a planning approach and process that integrates technology needs associated with the diverse array of Hillel International operational functions, field support systems and functions, specific Hillel programs, and emerging pilots and initiatives.
  • Develop and regularly publish a dynamic technology roadmap, that reflects prioritization of key initiatives, financial parameters and execution dependencies. 
  • Develop, maintain and manage all operating plans and budgets associated with Hillel International's technology initiatives and operations.
  • Act as a strategic advisor to all levels of Hillel International management when planning for technology needs or initiatives. Serve as a tech ambassador to the Hillel field when possible to inform their technologies and investments.

Operational Execution

  • ​Manage the partnership between the Technology organization and all other departments, programs and initiatives at Hillel International, as well as with field professionals, to implement new technology initiatives.
  • Manage the resource allocation (internal and external) to address the technology-related needs of Hillel International, to include internal operations, field-facing services and tools, and conferences and events.
  • Ensure that all Hillel International technology systems and service are effective, reliable and secure.
  • Implement and oversee all back-up and disaster recovery procedures and plans.

Organizational Leadership and Management

  • Lead and manage a team of technology professionals responsible for both new product development and the management of internal technology systems and services.
  • Develop and communicate organizational objectives; inspire and motivate team members to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Recruit new talent as appropriate to maximize the relevant capabilities of the Technology organization, and build-on existing talent by creating a learning atmosphere that ensures employees recognize their maximum potential.

Enterprise-Level Budget Management and Contracting

  • Approve and manage all projects related to selection, acquisition, development and installation of major technology systems and services. Provide oversight on evaluation, selection, implementation and maintenance of technology systems, ensuring appropriate investment in strategic and operational systems. Evaluate implemented systems to measure their success.
  • Oversee all hardware and software acquisition and maintenance contracts, soliciting involvement and participation of others as appropriate.
  • Oversee and monitor the approved annual operating and capital budgets for technology systems. Streamline the use of technology resources, both human and technical.

Relationship Management

  • Work in partnership with Hillel International senior leadership on all movement-wide strategic initiatives, providing Technology perspective and support.
  • Develop strategic relationships with leadership team members and external business partners to ensure technology resources, systems and initiatives are in alignment with organizations's strategic direction.

What You'll Need:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of technology subjects, including the latest trends in technology development, products and services.
  • 15+ years of experience in technology-related work, with 10+ years in a senior-level technology management position.
  • The vision to drive an innovative technology strategy together with the operational and management skills necessary to execute on that strategy together with efficacy and efficiency.
  • Strong interpersonal skills to enable the significant internal partnering and coordination required in the position.
  • Considerable management and analytical skills, in order to successfully perform the planning, budgeting, directing, reporting and administrative responsibilities of this position.
  • Ability to lead and motivate teams to produce great outcomes within ambitious timeframes and to simultaneously manage across numerous projects.
  • Ability to adapt to and work within a non-profit, mission-driven organization.

More about Hillel International:

Hillel International is the largest Jewish campus and community-based organization in the world serving the college-age population. Working with hundreds of thousands of students globally, Hillel serves students at more than 500 colleges, universities and communities. In addition to its presence on more than 450 North American campuses, Hillel works in more than 55 cities in Israel, the Former Soviet Union, Latin America, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Hillel meets all of these students during this most formative time of their lives and engages, educates and inspires these future leaders to make an enduring commitment to Jewish life, learning and Israel.

About Hillel’s Charles and Lynn Schusterman International Center:

Hillel’s Charles and Lynn Schusterman International Center (SIC) which has multiple offices throughout the world including in Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Chicago, New York and Jerusalem, helps local Hillels in the areas of institutional advancement, strategic planning, leadership development, fundraising, talent, fiscal administration, student engagement and communications.

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