Welcome to 929 – English!

929 is a project to read the Tanakh from cover to cover, one chapter a day - five per week.


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Posted August 16, 2018.

How to do so? 
Speak to Rabbi Adam Mintz (Director of 929 based in New York) - he is happily available to answer any and all questions ([email protected]).

Welcome to 929 – English!

What is 929? 929 is the number of chapters in the Tanakh, the Hebrew Bible: from "In the Beginning" of Genesis chapter 1 through the Torah, the Prophets and all the Writings, to the end of II Chronicles.  

929 is a project that began in Israel in 2014/5775: to read the Tanakh from cover to cover, one chapter a day - five per week. The reading (alone or in groups) was accompanied by a website with creative including audio and video, by a wide range of writers, artists, musicians, readings, pluralistic interpretations and short commentaries in Hebrew, rabbis of all streams, government ministers, educators, army officers and more.

The point of the project at its inception was to shake the dust off this amazing collective treasure of ours, that is so central to Israeli Jewish life, and invite everyone to take part in creating contemporary meaning growing out of the engagement with the text: across the range of religious beliefs, political views, Ashkenazi and Mizrahi identities, women and 
men, etc.  

What Are We Offering?
Everyone can get involved! There are three levels of involvement.

The first, most basic one is to read the daily chapter of Tanakh: on the website, or with a printed volume of Tanakh in hand; on the train, at a cafe, or at home; with your morning coffee, or at night, in bed; with friends, with children, or as a personal challenge. From Sunday to Thursday, one chapter each day, in sequence, and in line with a shared timetable. It doesn’t matter if it is short or long, complex or simple, or even if the subject matter leaves us hanging – the pace allows us to focus on one chapter a day. Every evening the daily chapter on the 929 website changes, and the next chapter appears, along with, video clips, artwork, and even narration of the text, for those who prefer to listen.

The second level of involvement is to engage with the materials on the site. 929 English will feature daily content centered on basic issues within society, ethical dilemmas, social issues and questions of gender through the prism of Tanakh. There will also be pieces translated from the justice, democracy and governance and other relevant and pertinent issues surrounding Israeli-Diaspora Jewish dialogue from the Israeli site.

The third level, you can react to the issues on the site, post comments, and you can even submit your own original piece! We are soliciting contributions to post on the site. A typical post is 150-250 words long and illuminates some aspect or theme of the chapter under discussion.

To sign up and for other enquiries:

Contact Rabbi Adam Mintz -  [email protected], Director of 929, New York.  

* The first cycle of reading the 929 chapters of Tanakh on Sunday, July 15th, with Chapter 1 of Bereshit/Genesis and end the cycle on the auspicious day of the 22nd of February, 2022.

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