Women Wage Peace International Congress

Women Wage Peace International Congress

Removing Barriers To Middle East Peace

IsraelTel Aviv, Israel
Nov 27, 20189:00 AM

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Posted November 20, 2018.

The powerful longing for peace crosses the left-wing/right-wing political divides, and still there are barriers that stop us from fulfilling this longing. What are these barriers, can we define them, and can we find creative and original solutions for dismantling them?
Women Wage Peace invites all young minds in Israel to address these questions and meet this challenge of dismantling the barriers to peace.

On November 27th ,2018, we will gather at Smolarsz Auditorium, Tel-Aviv University, for an International Congress to tackle these issues together. In this congress, the young audience, together with international and Israeli experts in the field, will create new knowledge and strategies for dismantling barriers to peace in the Middle East.

Prior to the Congress, on November 15th 2018, we will hold a 24-hour “Hackathon” at Hersilya Studios; 50 young women and men will participate in this singular event. Accompanied by experts in the fields of conflict resolution, psychology, history, and more, these young participants, divided into working groups, will strive to define the obstacles to peace and offer new strategies toward removing these obstacles. At the end of the 24-hour Hackathon, the groups will present their ideas and peace-building tools before a panel of judges, that will score the presentations in terms of creativity
and efficacy. The top three groups will receive prizes and will then present their ideas and plan at the congress.
This is an invitation to young women and young men who want to be part of this new thinking – young women and young men who know the old paradigms are holding us back and there are better options for us all.

Come be a part of creating a different future; come make a difference!
We need you!

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