Maintain regular and ongoing communication with your alumni. In your approach to alumni communication, strive to be interactive and engaging across multiple channels. Focus on delivering interesting and valuable content that clearly and consistently conveys your mission and values. You should also facilitate modes of communication among members of your alumni community.

  • Create forums for conversation. Conversation between the members of your alumni community can be incredibly powerful. No matter the channel--through blogs, listservs, social media groups or in-person communication--create user-friendly forums that facilitate conversation among your organization's alumni and provide them opportunities to share their diverse perspectives on key issues, discuss shared experiences or develop new ideas. If these conversations address sensitive topics, consider using private groups or listservs to protect privacy and foster more open and honest engagement.
  • Tap into social media. Aim to meet your alumni where they are by creating an active presence on social media to connect with alumni and connect them to one another. Building virtual communities is a great way to keep your organization on your alumni’s radar and keep your networks alive. Social media can help you keep tabs on your alumni's activities, create a forum for them to communicate with one another and alert them to updates and new events. Currently, the most popular social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but new platforms are gaining popularity all the time. While you do not have to be on all platforms—especially if your capacity to maintain them is limited—it is important to establish a presence on the platforms that your alumni use most frequently.
  • Establish and maintain alumni-centered publications. Create newsletters or magazines that provide relevant updates and opportunities, establish a sense of pride in the community and inspire your alumni to maintain their association with your organization. Share success stories, information about your organization's activities, important milestones in your alumni's lives and articles on relevant topics—and always encourage your alumni to provide content and share ideas. Here are a few examples of successful alumni publications: