Learning Opportunities

Learning opportunities are a popular and impactful form of alumni programming: studies have shown that individuals of all ages are seeking increased opportunities to expand their knowledge. By creating educational programming on topics relevant to your organization's mission and offering them unique resources they cannot find elsewhere, your alumni will hone their relevant skillsets and be better equipped to pursue mutually desired change.

  • Provide practical and compelling content. It is essential to provide educational opportunities that your alumni find appealing enough to actively pursue. Begin by soliciting feedback from alumni to understand the topics they want to learn more about, speakers they want to hear from and educational initiatives they would like to lead themselves. You can leverage educational content you are already using in your core programming, encourage alumni to share content in their areas of expertise and offer training opportunities that provide them the skills and resources to educate others on topics relevant to your organization.
  • Offer a diverse array of opportunities. A good starting point is to offer alumni access to in-person lectures, master classes or online webinars in the following areas:
    • Alumni interest areas;
    • Issues related to your organization’s mission;
    • Topics in Jewish learning; and
    • Relevant current events.
For more about developing innovative and engaging educational opportunities for alumni, please see the Tevel b’tzedek Case Study. Read More