Meet Joanna, REALITY Eden2Zion '16


For Joanna Riquett, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Hayo Magazine and Publishing Studio, REALITY Adelante was a pivotal journey. During her time in Israel, Joanna discovered ideas, sounds and flavors; but above all else, she found human connection. Read Joanna’s interview for more on how strangers became family, offering her a deep sense of community, cultural exchange and creative inspiration.

Joanna Riquett

REALITY: Describe what you do and how you are trying to make an impact.

Joanna: For the last three years, I’ve been running an online and print magazine called Hayo, which is now transitioning to an experiential brand focused on travel, arts and culture. We’ve always worked to cover stories in the most authentic way possible, and now we’re launching curated travel experiences to add an in-person component to our storytelling by inviting our community to come meet the creatives and makers leading the way in the places we visit and ultimately creating a more open-minded and connected society.

REALITY: Who inspires the work that you do?

Joanna: I’m inspired by the community that I’m a part of and the people who surround me. It’s the makers, the hustlers and the hard workers who wake up every day and find new ways to make an impact and create the world that they want to live in; these are the people who most inspire me.

REALITY: What was the most meaningful moment from your REALITY journey?

Joanna: One night, we were asked to have a conversation with ourselves. There I was, standing in the desert, my shadow moving across the sand, the whole scene illuminated by only the moon. In that moment, I had a real conversation with myself about where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do. I told myself to quiet those voices that tell me “no” and continue to work toward my goals. This turned out to be a pivotal moment for me.

REALITY: How’s your REALITY shifted since your journey?

Joanna: My REALITY journey had a very profound impact on me. After my trip, I found myself beginning to ask the right questions about my own path and discovering new answers. I started to approach things in my life differently. Ever since my REALITY journey, I’ve made it a point to regularly check in and make sure that what I’m doing is what I want to do, and what I’m creating for myself is what I want to be. I ask myself three questions: What are you good at? What’s good for you? What would be good for others?

REALITY: How have you shifted REALITY since your journey?

Joanna: Now that I have more clarity on who I am and what role I play in society, I am able to provide intentional spaces for others to embark on similar exploration. I try to create spaces for dialogue with people interested in joining me to proactively create the world in which we want to live. I am able to be more clear about my own intentions and, in turn, provide some of that clarity for my community so that they can find those answers for themselves.

REALITY: How have you stayed connected to Israel since your journey?

Joanna: Since returning from Israel, I have incorporated some of the traditions into my own practice. While I’m not Jewish, I have hosted several Shabbat dinners. I pay more attention to the narratives happening in the media so that I can better inform myself and create my own opinion and keep myself informed.

REALITY: Since REALITY, how “do” you Shabbat? Share a short story.

Joanna: Before my REALITY experience, I had never participated in any Jewish traditions. For me, everything was new. When I discovered Shabbat and the idea of dinner with intention, it really changed the way I see Friday nights. I make it a priority to have a dinner with intention at least every other week and have hosted several Shabbat dinners in Vancouver, NYC and LA.

REALITY: What would you like your REALITY community to know about you?

Joanna: I’m always visiting new places and would love to be invited to join your Shabbat dinner! And, of course, you’re always welcome in Vancouver, and I’d love to have a Friday dinner-with-intention with you.

REALITY: What can the REALITY community contact you about?

Joanna: The REALITY community can contact me about connecting with my fellow REALITY Adelante people. If you’re ever traveling in South America and want to meet with people from Adelante, I can help connect you to the right person.

You can also contact me about art, culture and magazine content production. I’ve had to start over in a new culture a few times in my life, so I’d also be happy to talk about that and share with you what I’ve learned from each experience.

REALITY: What was unique about Adelante?

Joanna: The cultural connection on the Adelante journey was very powerful. Even though we grew up in different countries with different families, we found connections through culture, music, language and humor.

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