REALITY empowers exceptional young people to realize their leadership potential through an immersive personal and professional development journey through Israel grounded in the Jewish charge to repair the world.

REALITY is an initiative of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, a global organization that seeks to ignite the passion and unleash the power in young people to create positive change in the Jewish community and across the broader world. Schusterman pursues its mission by working collaboratively with others to support and operate high-quality education, identity development, leadership training and service programs designed to help young people cultivate their growth as individuals and as leaders.

Israel is the ideal backdrop for learning how to lead and create social change within complex systems and environments. REALITY is not a tour of Israel; it turns Israel into a lab for participants to explore how an increasingly diverse and entrepreneurial nation devises innovative solutions to deal with deep-rooted and multi-dimensional social and economic challenges. Participants have access to a variety of perspectives and diverse voices.

REALITY trips have a customized itinerary and program designed to reflect the background and interest of the group. Each program starts by focusing on how to be a successful leader under complex circumstances and then moves on to examining what values drive leaders of social change. From there, participants focus on what disparities exist in society and ask how they can, as leaders, put it all together to reach a vision for their communities. At the conclusion of the program, participants are challenged to consider ways they can use the REALITY experience to make a lasting change in the future reality of themselves, their peers and their communities.

If you are interested in REALITY, please fill out this brief form and we will contact you when applications open for a trip that meets your interests. If you have additional questions, please reach out to us at [email protected].