“Create an atmosphere for innovation and change. We need to build something for the next generation.” – Charles Schusterman

We believe in doing our part to support communities of practice, enable knowledge sharing and present findings and recommendations reflective of hard data and rigorous evaluation.

By reflecting, analyzing and thinking together with peers and partners, we can continue to refine our approach, maximize the impact of our philanthropic dollars and boost the effectiveness of the organizations we support and the fields in which they operate.

We look forward to continuing to learn alongside our partner organizations, foundation colleagues and industry experts in pursuit of our shared vision for change. 

Explore the listing below for key studies, research and other findings that inform the work we do in our core focus areas.

Rella Kaplowitz

Using Data to Make Better Decisions

Big data. Data analytics. Data-driven decision-making. Data visualization. There are a lot of buzz words surrounding data that make it seem unattainable without a huge staff and inexhaustible resources. Don’t be fooled—using data to make better decisions is possible for any organization of any size, and the good news is that your organization is probably already data-driven, even if not formally.

Adam Simon

A Practical Guide to Embracing Sector Permeability

Yet, while it’s clear many of us in the Jewish professional sector are excited by the prospect of a system that supports a dynamic, empowered and engaged workforce, many people have reached out to ask how to translate the theory of sector permeability into practice. In other words, how do organizations actually implement these changes?

Team Schusterman

The Alliance: A Discussion with Adam Simon and Chris Yeh

View the video of Adam Simon's conversation with Chris Yeh, startup investor and advisor, marketing expert and co-author of The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age. In this 20-minute conversation, Chris describes techniques comapanies he has worked with have used to build a permeable culture and how they might be replicated in other organizations. 

Team Schusterman

Study Finds Community Engagement Key to Charitable Giving

This week, Jumpstart—a philanthropic research and design lab—released the much anticipated Connected to Give: Key Findings, the first in a series of reports based on the National Study of American Jewish Giving. The report offers "a comprehensive snapshot of Jewish charitable giving and reveals—for the first time at this breadth and depth—who gives, where they give, how much they give, what motivates them to give, and how giving among American Jews compares to giving by other Americans."

Team Schusterman

Teaching to the Moment: A Study of Immersive Jewish Service-learning Educators

Repair the World commissioned Teaching to the Moment: A Study of Immersive Jewish Service-learning Educators to provide a comprehensive look at the qualities of effective immersive Jewish service-learning (IJSL) educators and the training they need to continue providing deep and engaging IJSL experiences. Though this study focuses on the IJSL field, given that IJSL is a subset of Jewish experiential education, its findings also have relevance to the broader field of Jewish experiential education.

Team Schusterman

Innovating on Tradition: Reflections on the Jewish New Media Innovation Fund

Many organizations that serve our communities struggle to maintain working technology infrastructures, let alone to experiment and imagine how to achieve their missions in a digital world. Bridging this gap between media innovation and mission accomplishment was the core goal of the Jewish New Media Innovation Fund (the Fund).

Team Schusterman

From First Fruits to Abundant Harvest: Maximizing the Potential of Innovative Jewish Start-Ups

This study focuses on those start-up and post-startup organizations, few in number but strong in transformative potential, that are poised to make a significant contribution to the Jewish community. It examines the unique needs and opportunities of both start-ups and post-start-ups in the Jewish community and the challenges they face as the innovative Jewish start-up sector matures. 

Team Schusterman

Mapping the Landscape: The Emerging Field of Israel Education

Mapping the Landscape: The Emerging Field of Israel Education follows up on a 2003 study by the Gilo Family Foundation that called for “Israel Education to become a field in its own right—with the requisite development of a curricular approach, systemized training, professionalization and the creation of a ‘central address’ to coordinate and streamline this process.” 

Team Schusterman

Defining Israel Education

In recent years there has been an upsurge in organizational activity on the American Jewish scene regarding Israel. The present inquiry, commissioned by the iCenter to support its own planning efforts, was designed to sharpen and clarify the special role of a Jewish educational enterprise directed at learners in the years between kindergarten and the end of high school. 

Team Schusterman

The Jewish Innovation Economy: An Emerging Market for Knowledge and Social Capital

In an innovation economy, knowledge, technology and entrepreneurship are the core engines of change and growth. The many years of philanthropic investment in Jewish education and leadership development, new networks connecting emerging leaders across the continent and around the globe, and the creative spirit Jewish startup founders and leaders bring to their work have built a Jewish innovation sector that runs lean and burns hot with the twin fuels of knowledge and social capital.