ROI Authenticated Users FAQs

1) How do I log in to the ROI Community / Schusterman Foundation website?

Click “Log in” at the top right-hand corner of the page. 
Make sure you enter the email address to which you receive ROI updates. If you do not have a password, or are unsure of your password, click “Request new password.”

2) Why should I log in?
  • To update your personal information (for example, new contact information or a new job) both for our records and for your online profile;
  • To track your grant status (Coming Soon!);
  • To complete any open tasks (e.g., member survey, grant reports, etc.). 
3) What if I don’t have an account? Should I create one?

All ROIers have an existing account, so there’s never a need to create one! If you’re unable to access your account or are unsure of the email address ROI has on record for you, please contact [email protected] to request your login details. Then, go ahead and update your password and security settings.

4) Given that all ROIers have website accounts, does that mean that all members are publicly listed?

No, it means that you are an authenticated user and you are accordingly able to log in to our website and manage your settings as you please – see the FAQs below.

5) How can I update my password and privacy settings?

Once you’re logged in, select "Profile" from the dropdown menu next to your name (top right), click on the "Edit" tab, and underneath it select "Account." This is where you can change your password and privacy settings so that your profile can be hidden, viewed publicly or viewed only by authenticated users (members of our network who are logged in).

6) What are the features of the different privacy settings: Public / Authenticated User / Hidden?

All profiles are defaulted to Public, but if you’d like to change this, go into the "Account" tab and choose the relevant "Privacy settings." Here are the features of each of the three setting options: 

- Your profile is searchable on Google
- Your profile is searchable on the Schusterman website
- Your profile appears in the ROI directory
- Anyone can message you through the platform (Coming Soon!)

Authenticated Users:
- Your profile is NOT searchable on Google
- Your profile is searchable on the Schusterman website, but only for logged in users 
- Your profile appears in the ROI directory, but only for logged in users
- Only logged in users can message you through the platform (Coming Soon!)
- Your profile is NOT searchable on Google
- Your profile is NOT searchable on the Schusterman website 
- Your profile does NOT appear in the ROI directory
- You can message others through the platform, but no one can message you (Coming Soon!)

7) If you see the tabs "Educational Contact Information" and/or "Organizational Contact Information," what do these mean?

Not everyone has these tabs, and that’s fine! If you do have one or both of these, it means we have an additional profile for you in our internal records. For example, if you work at a Schusterman grantee organization, you may have the latter tab. Please ensure that your email address in these tabs is your work email as opposed to your private email. You should include your private email address in the "Account" and "Profile" tabs.

8) How do I change my profile name?

If you need to change your name as it appears on your profile and in our records, make sure to update it BOTH in the "Account" tab and in the "Profile" tab. 

9) What is included in my profile, and is everything on it viewable by others?

Your profile includes information about YOU! No matter your privacy settings, the following information will NOT be visible to any other users and is for our internal records only: your birthday, email address, phone number and mailing address.

10) Can you preview your profile?

Yes! Simply click the "View" tab.

11) What is the tab called "My Tasks"?

This is where you can view any open tasks you may have, for example: grant reports, your ROI Member Survey, Summit applicant referrals, etc.!