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Adina Katz is an actor, singer, writer, and filmmaker.

At the launch of Start South in Israel, it was made clear to me that my video work (and online posting) would be the most valuable contribution. The ROI Micro Grant for the START SOUTH program supported my time spent working on filming, editing/post production, and online posting of the trip, throughout the program as well as afterwards. I also submitted copies of my raw footage taken on the trip to the hired Israeli filmmakers who will compile my footage with theirs in order to promote this and future projects of this sort. Online videos are an effective way to document and showcase exciting projects such as these; they are a popular tool to raise awareness and funds.

In addition, the grant allowed me creative freedom to explore, which was an amazing jumping point for me personally regarding the new path in my career I am taking. For the past few years I have been back in school as a mature student, studying theatre. Before then, I worked as a video artist, hired to film and edit video projects. Now that I have completed my studies, it is my intention to start up my video business again, however, updated, where now I want to put myself in front of the camera as the commentator or host, while covering the material I am hired to cover. Plus, I am developing my own online show where I am writing various video sketches that I will produce (star, co-film, edit, etc.). This START SOUTH video/social media position was therefore an excellent opportunity to hone my skills and rebuild my confidence as a professional returning to the video field after a 3.5 year hiatus. In addition, I now have new samples in my portfolio to showcase my current work which is necessary to win future contracts. I have more material from the trip that I would like to edit still...

The substance and subject of the footage I collected cannot be ignored, since Israel, the Jewish community, and Tikkun Olam are all close to my heart and my preferred topics to endorse. Participating in the START SOUTH initiative and being back in Israel - after so many years, especially on an organized program there - affected me on a very visceral level which in turn re-ignites and motivates me as an active Jewish artist and leader. Being supported with this grant has brought Israel and the Jewish community back on my radar as a focal point for my work. Due to art’s effect on others, I am hoping that whatever work I create will help educate and give insight to the general public about Israel and Jewish people, as well as to further strengthen the preexisting bond and love people have with Israel, hopefully leading to more activism.

My Videos (I have more I would like to work on with the footage I have, and in the future, the film team will release videos which will blend my footage with theirs, so stay tuned for more....):

Start South Bikes Where The Streets have No Name:

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