How an ROI Micro Grant Helped Me Land My Dream Job


Adina Navon is the program manager for Young Judea Year Course, an educational and experiential gap-year program for high school graduates in Jerusalem and Bat Yam.

When I walked into the office, I was greeted by a young man with a wide smile despite my being late for our meeting. “Adina, how are you?” he welcomed me, and I was immediately put at ease. Lior proceeded to tell me about himself and explain the process we were about to embark on, all the while increasing my sense of security and faith in his abilities.

Suddenly I realized, “Wait a minute…you are practicing the exact ability that I have come to you to master - public speaking and presentation skills.” The genuine camaraderie and warmth that had so put me at ease, combined with the self confidence and clarity that had led me to trust and understand what Lior was communicating, were the abilities that I wanted to develop for myself.

I had come to Barry Katz Ltd. in the midst of an intensive job search that I was hoping would lead me to a significant career change. After three years in the resource development field I was now interested in a more hands on approach to civil society - either through educational work with young adults or advising a grant-giving foundation. I had set out to explore options in these two fields and was finding myself at a disadvantage - my shyness and lack of confidence was affecting my ability to accurately present my accomplishments and goals. I couldn't help but feel that if I could learn the “secret” of all those public speakers I admired, I too could begin to concisely and accurately relay my message.

Lior and I discussed the various ways I could improve my presentations and I began to accumulate several new skills in my personal toolbox. In addition, Lior helped increase my self-confidence, which vastly improved the quality of my public speaking. After practice sessions, video playbacks and serious conversations about my true ambitions, I stepped back into the networking scene.

I ended up with three fantastic offers in both the philanthropic and educational fields, and Lior was there to guide me through that decision as well (did I mention he is also a life coach?). I had never met Lior before this professional development Micro Grant gave me the opportunity to do so, but I felt as if I had known him for years. I have completed my sessions with Lior and gained not only new skills and abilities, but a true guide and genuine friend.

I hope that more ROIers will take advantage of Lior’s tremendous assets. I would be more than happy to speak with anyone who wants to hear more about this training at Barry Katz Ltd.!